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Results - Westminster City Council election 2018

Turnout has been confirmed as 37.98%.


Councillors elected

Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street


Christian Peoples Alliance


Conservative Party


Green Party




Labour Party


Liberal Democrats


Westminster City Council election results by ward

Abbey Road Ward
Bayswater Ward
Bryanston and Dorset Square Ward
Church Street Ward
Churchill Ward
Harrow Road Ward
Hyde Park Ward​
Knightsbridge and Belgravia Ward
​Lancaster Gate Ward
Little Venice Ward
Maida Vale Ward
Marylebone High Street Ward
Queen's Park Ward
Queen's Park Community Council
Regent's Park Ward
St James's Ward
Tachbrook Ward
Vincent Square Ward
Warwick Ward
West End Ward
Westbourne Ward

Abbey Road Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Davies, Helen Patricia Liberal Democrats 294
Freeman, Peter Ashley Conservative Party 1503 - elected
Gardner, Sam Labour Party 479
Hall, Lindsey Jayne Bruce Conservative Party 1542 - elected
Inman, Phillida Rosamond Luis Labour Party 480
Jones, Connor Lewis  Labour Party 402
Tandy, Emmanuelle Catherine Green Party 212
Toeman, Peter Howard  Liberal Democrats 193
Warner, Judith Anne Conservative Party 1480 - elected
Weisz, Seth Barney Liberal Democrats 203

Download Abbey Road results (PDF, 143KB)

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Bayswater Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Carman, Maggie Labour Party 1018 - elected
Elcho, Francis Richard Conservative Party 1013 - elected
Elis, Dafydd Wyn Labour Party 916
Fry, Lionel Green Party 233
Holloway, Richard Rowland William Conservative Party 937
Kerle, Phillip Lindsay Liberal Democrats 532
Payne, Emily Victoria Conservative Party 1011 - elected
Ryan, Patrick Joseph  Liberal Democrats 449
Ryan, Sarah Gonzales  Liberal Democrats 509
Sullivan, Max Labour Party 851

Download Bayswater results (PDF, 102KB)

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Bryanston and Dorset Square Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Arzymanow, Barbara Jolanda Conservative Party 1069 - elected
Beddoe, Richard Martin Conservative Party 1137 - elected
Browne, Nicola Liberal Democrats 351
Coyne, Kevin Richard  Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street 452
Fry, Michael Green Party 279
Hammeda, Mohamed Rashid  Labour Party 473
Horton, Rima Elizabeth Labour Party 585
Murphy, Eoghain Leo Conservative Party 986 - elected
Serero, Thierry Haim David Liberal Democrats 280
Taylor, Neil Macrae Labour Party 455
Thompson, Martin Adam Liberal Democrats 210

Download Bryanston and Dorset Square results (PDF, 155KB)

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Church Street Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Blyth, David James Green Party 176
Boufas, Rachid Conservative Party 358
Bright, Margot Joan Conservative Party 418
Dean, Adam Conservative Party 381
Jagger, Rachel Georgina Liberal Democrats 120
Less, Aicha Labour Party 1796 - elected
Noble, Matt  Labour Party 1727 - elected
Primot, Mathieu Charles Emile Liberal Democrats  121
Shaylor, Andrew Paul  Liberal Democrats  84
Toki, Abdul Aziz  Labour Party 1739 - elected

Download Church Street results (PDF, 155KB)

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Churchill Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Bath, Richard Anthony Liberal Democrats 223
Dugmore, Keith Reginald Liberal Democrats 198
Gassanly, Murad Conservative Party 1243 - elected
Hegazi, Omar Liberal Democrats 168
Hopkinson, Bota Conservative Party 1182
Mann, Andrea Emma Louise Labour Party 1281 - elected
Miah, Shaista Conservative Party 1208
Talukder, Shamim  Labour Party 1303 - elected
Uddin, Muhammad Eawor Independent 164
Williams, Jason Thomas Labour Party 1234

Download Churchill results (PDF, 101KB)

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Harrow Road Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Bush, Ruth Elizabeth  Labour Party 2023 - elected
Green, Grazyna Krystina Alycia Conservative Party 461
Greenan, Kevin Patrick Liberal Democrats 179
Griffin, Michael Roger Liberal Democrats 182
Jones, Aled Rhys Conservative Party 414
McKie, Guthrie Kerr Labour Party 1804 - elected
Newman, Dorothy Helen Liberal Democrats 175
Roca, Tim Labour Party 1660 - elected
Sandford, Roc Green Party 347
Weekenborg, Thomas Jacobus Conservative Party  386

Download Harrow Road results (PDF, 104KB)

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Hyde Park Ward​

Name of candidate Description Votes
Acton, Heather Jane Conservative Party 1093 - elected
Adams, Ian McLean Conservative Party 1100 - elected
Cox, Antonia Mary Conservative Party 1104 - elected
Hainsworth, Barbara Rose Labour Party 674
Horn, Alex Green Party 239
Lumby, David Kenneth Labour Party 598
Morgan, Sian Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 263
Moscovici, Valentine Cecile Marie Liberal Democrats 212
Southern, Judith Anne Labour Party 654
Yaghi, Roy Liberal Democrats 201

Download Hyde Park results (PDF, 109KB)

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Knightsbridge and Belgravia Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Devenish, Tony Conservative Party 1176 - elected
Durnford-Slater, Rosamund Liberal Democrats 158
Foulds, Chas Liberal Democrats


Heap, Peter William Labour Party 152
Hitchcock, Elizabeth Suzanne Conservative Party 1164 - elected
Robathan, Rachael Conservative Party

1144 - elected

Thomson, James Dylan Labour Party 135
Thorne, Marini Annabel Helen Labour Party 153
Weisz, Jonah Louis Liberal Democrats 93

Download Knightsbridge and Belgravia results (PDF, 143KB)

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Lancaster Gate Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Baring, Sue Liberal Democrats 456
Burbridge, Susie Conservative Party 1318 - elected
Davis, Robert Jonathan Conservative Party 1226 - elected
Gray, Sally Elizabeth  Liberal Democrats 376
Piddock, Angela Patricia Labour Party 992
Smith, Andrew Paul  Conservative Party 1223 - elected
Ubilava, Nathalie Liberal Democrats 321
Whitmore, Liz  Labour Party 967
Wyatt, Simon James  Labour Party 852

Download Lancaster Gate results (PDF, 101KB)

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Little Venice Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Caplan, Melvyn Bernard Conservative Party  1479 - elected
Dean, Lorraine Conservative Party  1422 - elected
Ekholm, Roberto Jose Liberal Democrats 264
Green, Matthew Charles Conservative Party

1354 - elected

Hurdis, Benjamin John Liberal Democrats 275
Less, Iman Labour Party 1148
Magnin, Marianne Veronique Liberal Democrats 307
Qureshi, Murad Labour Party 1127
Wolff, Sue Labour Party 1177

Download Little Venice results (PDF, 138KB)

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Maida Vale Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Barraclough, Geoff Labour Party 1306 - elected
Begum, Rita Labour Party 1301 - elected
Butler-Thalassis, Nafsika Labour Party 1254 - elected
Cox, Michael Francis Liberal Democrats  160
Goodman, Charles Jack Liberal Democrats 157
Langford, Amanda Lilian Conservative Party 1084
Lannon Polner, Haude Jeanne Rose Liberal Democrats 202
Parsad, Nathan Patrick Conservative Party 1079
Pready, Lynnet Jane Green Party 246
Prendergast, Jan Conservative Party 1195

Download Maida Vale results (PDF, 143KB)

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Marylebone High Street Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Angel, Cheyenne Labour Party 381
Barr, Alistair Graeme Liberal Democrats 250
Bott, Iain James Conservative Party 1181 - elected
Byrne, Andrew Donaldson Liberal Democrats 229
Dunn, Michael John Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street 355
Johnston, Barbara Irene Labour Party 383
Kettle, Florence Amelia Labour Party 395
Nardi-Hiebl, Stefan Liberal Democrats 195
Polanski, Zack Green Party 165
Rowley, Ian David Conservative Party  1147 - elected
Scarborough, Karen Toni Conservative Party 1101 - elected

Download Marylebone High Street results (PDF, 152KB)

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Queen's Park Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Cohen, Timothy Peter Reginald Conservative Party 418
Cottrell, Robert Piers Liberal Democrats 191
Dimoldenberg, Paul Howard Labour Party 2210 - elected
Dupuy, Laila Conservative Party  391
McAllister, Patricia Labour Party 2248 - elected
New, Andrew George Liberal Democrats 220
Rick-Harris, Sarah  Conservative Party  472
Smithard, Jane Caroline Grantham Liberal Democrats 193
Taouzzale, Hamza Labour Party 2038 - elected

Download Queen's Park results (PDF, 146KB)

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Regent's Park Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Ahmed, Hussain Labour Party 946
Kerle, Kathryn Hertel Liberal Democrats 236
Lichtenstein, Vivien Aviva Green Party 204
Mohindra, Gotz Conservative Party 1403 - elected
Peterson, Sam Liberal Democrats 191
Rigby, Robert Charles  Conservative Party 1445 - elected
Seale, Janet Ann Labour Party 1004
Sims, Julian Mark Liberal Democrats 196
Swaddle, Paul Stanley Conservative Party 1394 - elected
Taggart, Liam Marcus Labour Party 945

Download Regent's Park results (PDF, 143KB)

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St James's Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Ali, Zayna Labour Party 815
Diggory, Paul  Liberal Democrats 311
Edwin, Dorothy Nkechinyere Labour Party 830
Hyams, Louise Ruth Conservative Party 1376 - elected
Ironside, Sean Charles Green Party 235
Mitchell, Tim Conservative Party 1373 - elected
Newson, Georgina Tracey Labour Party  854
Poser, Freddie Anderton Joseph Liberal Democrats 232
Shearer, Mark Angus Conservative Party  1398 - elected
Ward-Smith, Gabrielle Diana Liberal Democrats 321

Download St James's results (PDF,  143KB)

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Tachbrook Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Arrindell, Gillian Sharon Labour Party 1051
Glen, Jim Conservative Party 1400 - elected
Harper, Terry Helen Labour Party 1008
Harvey, Angela Ann Conservative Party 1409 - elected
Pettinger, Paul Geoffrey David  Liberal Democrats 209
Service, Sophie Liberal Democrats 210
Spencer, James Michael Conservative Party  1326 - elected
Tebbit, Sarah Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 236
Thomson, William Labour Party 951

Download Tachbrook results (PDF, 139KB)

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​Vincent Square Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Chalkley, Danny John Conservative Party 1594 - elected
Harvey, David John Conservative Party 1679 - elected
Kirk, Russell James Fordham Liberal Democrats 247
Landymore, Stephanie Alexandra Green Party  326
Maynard Jones, Justin Henry Labour Party 1263
Morgan, James Hayden Liberal Democrats 265
Paskaralingam, Ananthi Labour Party 1148
Rogers, Andrew James Liberal Democrats 271
Short, Selina Ann Conservative Party 1579 - elected
Tufnell, Henry Carleton Richard Labour Party 1155

Download Vincent Square results (PDF, 146KB)

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Warwick Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Aiken, Nickie Conservative Party 1575 - elected
Albiston, Bren Andrew Labour Party 692
Asquith, Shelly Dene Labour Party 716
Derrick, David Thomas Liberal Democrats 244
Fajardo Palacios, Gabriela Paola Christian Peoples Alliance 39
Flight, Christabel Diana Beatrice Conservative Party 1439 - elected
Platt, Mark Abraham Liberal Democrats 248
Taylor, Andrew John David Labour Party 648
Tyrer, Stephanie Morgan Liberal Democrats 282
Wilkinson, Jacqui  Conservative Party 1473 - elected

Download Warwick results (PDF, 144KB)

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West End Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Barnes, Timothy Patrick Logie Conservative Party 990 - elected
Chevoppe-Verdier, Florian David Jean Gaetan  Liberal Democrats 142
Fry, Minne Green Party 188
Glanz, Jonathan Conservative Party 973 - elected
Lewis, Pancho Labour Party 984 - elected
Lilley, Patrick Eamon Joseph Labour Party 947
Ravenscroft, Alan Watson Liberal Democrats 127
Saville, Caroline Louise Ruby Labour Party 927
Su, Hillary Conservative Party 868
Taylor, Sophie Amanda Liberal Democrats 178
Whelan, Ronald Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street 291

Download West End results (PDF, 149KB)

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Westbourne Ward

Name of candidate Description Votes
Armstrong, Mary Helena Elizabeth Liberal Democrats  189
Boothroyd, David Labour Party 1740 - elected
Chryssogelos, Angelos-Stylianos Liberal Democrats  163
Davies, Thomas Jasper Gwyndaf Conservative Party  412
Hug, Adam John Walsworth Labour Party 1710 - elected
Qureshi, Papya Labour Party 1704 - elected
Robinson, Holly Rose  Green Party 219
Roos, Theodore Conservative Party 385
Williams, Anthony Peter Liberal Democrats 164
Wyatt, Angus James Conservative Party 421

Download Westbourne results (PDF, 145KB)

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Last updated: 1 March 2019