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Edward Harvist Trust

The Edward Harvist Trust

The Edward Harvist Trust gives capital grants of up to £3,000 (or £1,000 for IT equipment) to organisations that work to improve the quality of life for local people. The Trust makes grants to further the following purposes:

• the relief of elderly and disadvantaged residents
• the relief of distress and sickness
• the provision and support of facilities for recreation and leisure with the aim of improving the quality of life.
• the provision and support of educational facilities
• any other charitable purpose

There are four application rounds each year, for which the deadlines are 15 April, 31 May, 15 July and 31 August. Applications received outside of these dates will not be considered until the following April. Westminster City Council administers trust funds on behalf of the Edward Harvist Trust for the City of Westminster area.

For more information or to apply for a grant in the City of Westminster area, please Carole Headley-Barton on:


Last updated: 30 December 2019