Education out of school

In Westminster there are a number of services targeted at children educated outside of the formal school setting.

Beachcroft School

Beachcroft School is a pupil referral unit and provides the majority of services to children and young people who for various reasons are not able to attend mainstream school.

The school caters for three main groups:

  • students who are resident in Westminster in key stages 1/2/3 (age 11 to 16) and who have been permanently excluded from school
  • students with medical needs who are taught at home and/ or school
  • students identified as being at risk of permanent exclusion can access respite services


The staff group consists of a headteacher, 6 members of teaching staff, a learning support assistant and attendance officer, a reintegration officer, an office manager, a school home liaison worker and an educational psychologist.


Beachcroft School offers a balanced and broadly based curriculum which:

  • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students
  • prepares students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • encourages a return to learning

All students study English, Maths and Science in preparation for SATS. They also study PSHCE, ICT and Geography on site. In the afternoons they attend the Moberley Sports Centre for two afternoons per week. The remaining three afternoons are spent participating in a variety of activities such as art, music, drama, dance, radio, careers and other activities which develop social and economic skills. The school also works to improve students literacy by focusing on reading 3 mornings a week in registration.

Attendance and achievement

School hours are from 9am to 3pm. 

We expect the following from parents/carers:

  • to encourage their child to attend regularly and on time
  • to contact the school whenever their child is unable to attend or will be late
  • to arrange medical or dental appointments outside school hours
  • to arrange shopping trips, holidays or other activities outside school hours.
  • to attend scheduled meetings when necessary

We expect all pupils:

  • to attend all sessions regularly
  • to be punctual at all sessions
  • to be appropriately prepared for work that they will undertake
  • to have respect for themselves, others and school property

Parents/carers and students can expect the following from Beachcroft School:

  • regular reports on punctuality and attendance
  • academic review days at the end of each half term to discuss achievement, behaviour and attendance
  • weekly reports showing students achievement of set targets
  • termly review of IEPs

Contact details

Mr Graham Sacks (headteacher)
Beachcroft School
35 Finchley Road

Tel: 020 7483 4434


Last updated: 19 May 2016