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Sustainable Economic Growth

We commissioned consultants to undertake 'Health Check Surveys' of our high street style shopping centres to measure their vitality, viability and "health".

CAZ Centre Health Check Reports 2008/09

District Centre Health Check Reports 2007

Local Centre Health Check Reports 2014

You can see the 2007 versions of these reports.

Westminster commissioned The Retail Group to undertake health checks of its high street type shopping centres in 2013. This was following previous studies undertaken in 2007 and 2008.

High Streets

The high street type centres form an integral part of Westminster's town centre hierarchy, providing the key local neighbourhood hubs for Westminster's large resident population within walking distance of people's homes. Some of these centres are more 'high street like' than others, but they all provide a mix of uses, with most primarily acting as key convenience shopping locations used on a daily basis, while providing other key town centre uses and community services.

High streets and their future use and vitality are a key area of national discussion with many alternative views being presented to address their perceived decline.

Westminster and Central London presents a different picture in terms of the health of the retail market compared to the rest of the country. However, these health checks remain an integral part of monitoring the ongoing health of individual shopping centres, highlighting strengths and weaknesses along with changes over the last five years, to allow the Council to ensure their long term health and vitality through managing growth or decline effectively.​

Health checks

Health checks have been undertaken for 10  high street type centres in 2013, with a summary report also available comparing the centres to each other:​

There is a further report that was also commissioned as part of this project for the Victoria Area by the Victoria BID.

Last updated: 16 June 2017