Economic development range and scale of economic activity in Westminster is unmatched anywhere in the country and is a major influence in shaping London and what it means to live and work here. Westminster City Council has a responsibility to help support a dynamic economy, generating a range of opportunities for residents, entrepreneurs and businesses and supporting Westminster to continue delivering for UK plc. 

This is crucial if we are to be a 'City of Aspiration' for all our communities. A good job is the best way of enabling people to share in and enjoy the prosperity their city creates and to be able to make choices for themselves and their families. A broad base of successful enterprises is essential to successful neighbourhoods and enhanced heritage which can be enjoyed by residents, workers and visitors.

Our Economic Development Strategic Framework sets out the principles and themes which guide our economic development work, to add the most value in the diverse and complex landscape of Westminster and ensure that increasingly scarce public resources are spent effectively. 

Our Programmes provide more detail on our plans to drive forward particular areas of economic development, including employment and enterprise, for the benefit of Westminster’s communities.

Employment Programme (PDF, 7.4MB)

Enterprise Programme (PDF, 10.2MB)

Employment Programme end of year report 2015 to 2016

Last updated: 27 April 2020