Ebury Bridge Regeneration

**latest update**

Cllr Rachael Robathan responded to the story about empty properties on the Ebury Bridge estate in the Westminster Extra newspaper to provide clarification on a number of points.

“There are currently 87 empty flats across the estate.  Residents have been moving out since June 2014. Historically as flats became vacant they were used for temporary accommodation.  Since last summer we have stopped putting new households in temporary accommodation on Ebury Bridge following concerns expressed by residents."

"The use of properties for temporary accommodation plays no part in reducing the housing waiting list, as it does not provide vital long term accommodation. The council's aspirations for any new scheme for Ebury Bridge include that this would provide more homes for social and intermediate rent – that is homes for people on lower and middle incomes than are on the estate now.  We have no intention of reducing the percentage of affordable housing, but will aim to increase it to alleviate over-crowding and provide more homes for those in need.  This is the best way to address housing need."

**Update following July Cabinet Meeting**

On Monday 10 July 2017, the council's Cabinet authorised officers to work up in detail an entirely new scheme requiring resident engagement on all development options. 

The council is acutely aware that the regeneration process has been very frustrating for everyone and we apologise that it has taken so long. We would like to reassure residents that we remain fully committed to the regeneration of Ebury Bridge and to making this a success.

This decision now means that our community engagement team will now start to make contact with each household on the estate to personally introduce themselves and commence the initial listening stage.

Following this initial conversation a range of drop-in sessions and one-to-one meetings will be arranged to make sure the views of the whole estate can be accurately captured.

1. Ongoing commitment to the renewal of Ebury Bridge

The Ebury Bridge redevelopment is part of Westminster City Council's ambitious regeneration plans. The idea is to deliver much of the aspiration of the original scheme such as genuinely affordable homes.

The renewal plans for Ebury Bridge will provide high quality new homes and significant improvements to existing homes, along with vastly improved public spaces, which will enhance the character and value of the area.

View the Ebury Bridge public meeting minutes - 28 June 2017 (doc, 87KB).




2. Next stage

The council are committed to providing residents with detailed feedback on the key themes of the conversation that were had with residents and this feedback will be used to inform the next steps for the community.

Details of the next community meeting will be distributed soon.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop in and speak to our community engagement officers who are available on site, from Monday to Friday, 10am and 4pm, at 1 Wainwright House or alternatively, email eburybridge@westminster.gov.uk.

Draft letting plans

Ebury Bridge planning application 

View the draft local letting plan

Tenant Decant Policy for Renewal Areas

The council undertook statutory consultation regarding the rehousing of secure tenants living in homes on renewal estates. The draft policy sets out the rehousing options for secure tenants where there were proposals or plans to redevelop their home. It applies to areas and estates identified for regeneration in the 2010 Housing Renewal Strategy. The consultation ran until 30 June 2013.

View the policy.

For further information on the policy or to comment please contact Rebecca Ireland on 020 7641 2578 or email rireland@westminster.gov.uk.

Important information on the regeneration

Draft policy for leaseholders

Draft policy

Equity loan pack

New flat plans

3. Newsletters







4. Archived information

Information on demolition notice

Initial demolition notice under Schedule 5A of the Housing Act 1985 as amended by the Housing Act 2004.

As part of the regeneration of Ebury Bridge Estate and in accordance with the proposals approved by Cabinet on 14 December 2015, the council decided to serve Initial Demolish Notices on secure tenants and occupiers of all the relevant properties within Ebury Bridge Estate. 

The council advertised the notice in the local press and set out its proposals in its newsletter circulated to residents as part of its ongoing communication with households on the estate.

The effect and details of the notice are clearly set out below:

Initial Demolition Notice (19 December 2016) (PDF, 76KB)

Initial Demolition Notice (28 October 2016) (PDF, 76KB)

Initial Demolition Notice (18 April 2014) (PDF, 76KB)

For more information, please email eburybridge@westminster.gov.uk.

Draft local letting plan July 2014

Draft policy for leaseholders January 2013

Equity loan pack

Leaseholder policy

New flat plans 23 January 2013

October exhibition feedback

Preview of planning schemes 5 October 2013

Regeneration feedback form

Resident survey masterplanning

​Steering group letter 16 September 2013

Summary of draft policy for leaseholders

Resident minutes 2015

Resident minutes 2014

Resident minutes 2013

Resident minutes 2011

July 2011

5. Contact details

For more information, email eburybridge@westminster.gov.uk.

Last updated: 18 August 2017
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