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Ebury Bridge Renewal

Westminster City Council has given the green light for one of the biggest council housing projects in the heart of London for a generation. The Ebury Bridge renewal project will see 750 new homes built in the south of Westminster with at least 342 affordable homes. All existing secure tenants and leaseholders will be allocated a new high quality, energy efficient home if they wish to stay on the estate.

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Community Futures Group

A dedicated Community Engagement Team is based on site to provide information and support to the residents and businesses of Ebury Bridge Estate as the new proposals are developed.  It is important that the views of residents and businesses on the future of Ebury Bridge are heard so please get in contact with the team using the details below.


Contact Us:

Please get in touch at:

Ebury Bridge Regeneration Base
15 - 19 Ebury Bridge Road, London SW1W 8QX
Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.
Evening open: Wednesdays 5pm to 7pm
Phone: 0800 011 3467

Latest Updates

Community Exhibition – 22/24 March 2018

Thank you for joining us at the Scenario Assessment Exhibition and taking the time to view the facts about the scenarios being assessed currently for a renewed Ebury Bridge Estate.  We were pleased that many of you were able to come and talk to the team about the future of Ebury Bridge. The information is available at the Regeneration Base if you wish to talk this through with the team. Download the Scenario Boards here (PDF 100KB) 


Acoustic Surveys - 15 December 2017

The Project Team has arranged for a detailed noise and vibration survey at various locations around the estate. This will include installing temporary noise monitors in some of the vacant apartments, taking sample noise measurements at various ground level locations (with a noise meter on a tripod) and taking vibration measurements on the grassed area adjacent to Dalton House. The microphones of the temporary noise monitors will be located outside of the flats (i.e. attached to balcony railing).  The monitors will be installed shortly and will be left in place for around one week. 


Community Design Workshop 2 – 6/7 December 2017

Thank you for joining us to take the design challenge with the team of architects working on the designs for a new Ebury Bridge estate. It was great that so many of you were able to come and talk to the design team about your ideas and thoughts on the future of Ebury Bridge. We really appreciate it in the busy run-up to Christmas.

If you were unable to make the session or would like to have a look at the boards again, you can do by clicking here:


Community Design Workshop 1 – 22/23 November 2017

Thank you for taking the time to meet with the Design Team, at our first Community Design Workshop, which was held on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd November at Ebury Youth Club.  Those who attended the workshop were introduced to the Design Team, had the opportunity to talk through the reasons why the previous scheme failed and started to look forward, with the help of the architects, at what a scheme for Ebury Bridge might have.  You can view the information boards from the session here:


Design Engagement – 01 November 2017

We are now entering the Design Engagement phase of the renewal process.  A multi-disciplinary design team has been appointed to work up new proposals for the future of Ebury Bridge and will engage with residents about these emerging proposals.  There will be a number of opportunities for the local community to meet and have discussions with the Design Team members.


Preparing for the design options –  30 October 2017

As part of preparations for design options you may notice officers on the estate carrying out ground checks. These checks, called topographical surveys, are used to identify and map the contours of the ground. The survey will check slightly above or below the earth’s surface (i.e. trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles and retaining walls).  The surveys will take 7 days and officers will need to access the communal gardens at Donneriale. Please contact 0800 011 3467 if you have any concerns.



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Issue 15 - August 2018

Issue 14 - July 2018

Issue 13 - June 2018

Issue 12 - March 2018

Issue 11 - February 2018

Issue 10 - January 2018

Issue 9 - December 2017

Issue 8 - December 1017

Issue 7 - November 2017

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Issue 1 - August 2017

Community Futures Group

The Community Futures Group (CFG) has been established to enter into meaningful dialogue with Westminster City Council about the overall goals of the project. The group will build an active relationship with the project team and across the community and will disseminate key messages.

Each member of the CFG has signed an agreed Terms of Reference document which sets out the objectives of the group and provides a framework for how the group will operate.  

Terms of reference (PDF, 345KB)

To keep you informed about the group, as well as regular updates in the newsletter, the agenda and notes from each Community Futures Group meeting will be available here.

Agenda for meeting 18 on 2nd October 2018

Minutes for meeting 17 on 12th September 2018

Agenda for meeting 17 on 12th September 2018

Minutes for meeting 16 on 23rd July 2018

Agenda for meeting 16 on 23rd July 2018

Minutes for meeting 15 on 20th June 2018

Agenda for meeting 15 on 20th June 2018

Minutes for meeting 14 on 6th June 2018

Agenda for meeting 14 on 6th June 2018

Minutes for meeting 13 on 21st May 2018

Agenda for meeting 13 on 21st May 2018

Minutes for meeting 12 on 9th May 2018

Agenda for meeting 12 on 9th May 2018

Minutes for meeting 11 on 25th April 2018

Agenda for meeting 11 on 25th April 2018

Minutes for meeting 10 on 12th April 2018

Agenda for meeting 10 on 12th April 2018

Minutes from meeting 9 on 29th March 2018

Agenda for meeting 9 on 29th March 2018

Minutes from meeting 8 on 14th March 2018

Agenda for meeting 8 on 14th March 2018

Notes from meeting 7 on 21st February 2018

Agenda for meeting 7 on 21st February 2018

Notes from meeting 6 on 24th January 2018

Agenda for meeting 6 on 24th January 2018

Notes from meeting 5 on 10th January 2018

Agenda for meeting 5 on 10th January 2018

Notes from meeting 4 on 5th December 2017

Agenda for meeting 4 on 5th December 2017

Notes from meeting 3 on 15th November 2017

Agenda for meeting 3 on 15th November 2017

Notes from meeting 2 on 8th November 2017

Agenda for meeting 2 on 8th November 2017

Notes from meeting 1 on 25th October 2017

Agenda for meeting 1 on 25th October 2017

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