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Ebury Bridge Renewal

The council remains fully committed to the renewal of the Ebury Bridge Estate. We are listening to the views of residents and businesses on the future of Ebury Bridge. Proposals could include refurbishment of existing blocks through to building new homes. Keep up to date on this website.

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Community Futures Group

The Community Engagement Team are currently working with residents and businesses as part of the Listening Period. It is important that the views of residents and businesses on the future of Ebury Bridge are heard so please get in contact with the team at the details below.

Contact Us:

Please get in touch at:

Ebury Community Engagement Centre
1 Wainwright House, Ebury Bridge Estate
Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.
Evening open: Wednesdays 5pm to 7pm
Phone: 0800 011 3467

Latest Updates

As part of preparation for design options you may notice officers on the estate carrying out ground checks. These checks called topographical surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth. The survey will check slightly above or below the earth’s surface (i.e. trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles and retaining walls).

The surveys will take 7 days and officers will need to access the communal gardens at Donneriale. Please contact 0800 011 3467 if you have any concerns.


Cabinet Meeting - 10 July 2017

On Monday 10 July 2017, the council’s Cabinet authorised officers to work up in detail an entirely new scheme requiring resident engagement on all development options. The council is acutely aware that the regeneration process has been very frustrating for everyone and we apologise that it has taken so long. We would like to reassure residents that we remain fully committed to the regeneration of Ebury Bridge and to making this a success. This decision now means that our community engagement team will now start to make contact with each household on the estate to personally introduce themselves and commence the initial listening stage. Following this initial conversation a range of drop-in sessions and one-to-one meetings will be arranged to make sure the views of the whole estate can be accurately captured.



Is refurbishment for the estate an option?

We do not have a preferred option at this stage. A refurbishment approach is one of the options that we will be exploring with residents.

What will make this renewal process different from the last?

Learning from the experience of the previous scheme, as part of the design process we will ensure that options are tested to ensure they are viable. In this way a scheme that meets the aspirations of the residents and is deliverable is taken forward.

Will the new development be easy to access for prams, wheelchairs and the elderly?

Improving accessibility will be a feature of any new scheme which includes redevelopment of the estate.

How long will the development take?

We are currently speaking to residents about their ideas for the future of Ebury Bridge. The length of time any development will take depends on the options developed and which preferred option is taken forward.

We will continue to communicate with all residents throughout the regeneration process to ensure residents remain fully informed.

Does the council want to refurbish or redevelop the estate?

We cannot rule anything in or out at this stage as we are still listening to the views if residents and businesses on the future of Ebury Bridge. Proposals for the estate could include refurbishment of existing blocks through to building new homes. If we build new homes, these will be modern, energy efficient homes of all sizes and tenures. This will include more social rent homes than at present and more ‘intermediate’ rent homes (homes offered at lower rent than private rental homes) – alongside new community facilities and an improved public space. In developing any new scheme for the site we will keep viability in mind throughout to ensure any emerging scheme options are deliverable.

The council spent a lot of money on the previous scheme – what has this gone towards?

Under the consented scheme we have been working with leaseholders to buy back the private homes on the estate. We will continue to buy these back at market value and qualifying leaseholders will also get a statutory home loss and disturbance payment. As with any major renewal programme, the majority of the investment spent at this stage has gone towards the purchase of leasehold properties, without which, work on any future scheme involving redevelopment would be unable to start on site. Procuring architects and consultants did result in the submission of a successful planning application following extensive resident consultation. Unfortunately the consented scheme was not viable. We have learned much from this work which will help shape discussions on any new scheme.

Tenants Leaseholders and Business

Westminster City Council’s target market for privately sold apartments is overseas investors and the estate is being sold off?

We want Ebury Bridge to be a home for local families. Whilst any new development will need to be financially viable, and may require the delivery of some private properties to assist with funding. Ebury Bridge will remain a Westminster Council owned estate.

What costs will the council pay towards our move?

The council will ensure that residents are supported throughout the housing process should they be required to move as part of any renewal scheme. In addition secure tenants who are required to move are eligible for a home loss payment plus reasonable costs associated with the move.

Why are the blocks in the original consented scheme being moved out?

The council have committed to honouring the original rehousing commitments made to secure tenants living in Bridge, Pimlico, Mercer, Dalton and Hillersdon Houses. Any secure tenant who is rehoused is done so with the Right to Return.

If my family is required to move, will we move close to the Ebury area? We are worried that we may have to find a new school to attend.

Residents are able to exercise choice about which properties they bid on. We fully appreciate that those currently living on the estate will have established networks and connections in the local area over time. If you are required to move, we will meet with you to listen to your needs and requests when completing your housing needs assessment.

It has been our experience on previous regeneration schemes within Westminster, that parents are not typically required to change their child/children’s school.

Will I be moved into temporary accommodation (bed and breakfast), a council home within Westminster or to another borough outside London?

As a secure tenant, you will have choice of where to move within the borough of Westminster. Secure tenants would not be rehoused in B&B accommodation should they be required to be moved.

All secure tenants who are rehoused due to the regeneration will have the right of return, which allows them to come back to the estate once the new homes are completed.

As a resident leaseholder, if I take the option for an Equity Stake in a new home on Ebury, will I be able to rent the flat out?

Any new lease agreement offered by the council will be in line with the terms as the current existing Westminster Council leases.

Should you choose to sub-let your property, you can apply to do so, in the same way as you would now.

When we move back will there be a rent increase?

Any secure tenant required to be rehoused as a result of any new scheme for Ebury will return to Ebury on a social rent.

Is the council going to replace social homes with private for sale homes?

No-in fact we will aim to increase significantly the amount of affordable housing in any scheme developed with residents compared with the amount of affordable housing on the estate at the moment. Any resident leaseholder or secure council tenant will have a right to return to a home on the estate in any new scheme.

What is happening to the shops on Ebury Bridge Road?

There are no proposals at this stage. Good local shopping that serves the local community will be an important part of any news scheme. The Council is working with the local shop owners to ensure we respond to their needs in any proposals.

Do residents have a right to return to the estate?

A right to return is guaranteed to all secure tenants and resident leaseholders.

What is the council going to tackle overcrowding at Ebury?

Tackling overcrowding for those on the estate is a top priority. The relocations team have already contacted a number of overcrowded households on the Ebury Bridge estate to discuss their housing needs. Should you wish to speak to a member of the team please contact us on 0800 011 3467. We are holding housing advice surgeries at the Community Engagement Centre at 1 Wainwright House every Tuesday 2pm-4pm and Thursday 10am-12pm and we encourage you to attend.


We have an Ebury gardening community, will there be an area for them in a new development?

Yes. The Ebury Bridge community Garden is a much loved community asset. We will ensure that this is acknowledged in the design options process.


Issue 7 - November 2017

Issue 6 - November 2017

Issue 5 - October 2017

Issue 4 - September/October

Issue 3 - September 2017

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Issue 1 - August 2017

Community Futures Group

The Community Futures group has been established to enter into meaningful dialogue with Westminster City Council about the overall goals of the project. The group will build an active relationship with the project team and across the community and will disseminate key messages.

Each member of the CFG has signed an agreed Terms of Reference document which sets out the objectives of the group and provides a framework for how the group will operate.  

Terms of reference (PDF, 345KB)

To keep you informed about the group, as well as regular updates in the newsletter, the agenda and notes from each Community Futures Group meeting will be available here.

Agenda for meeting 3 on 15 November 2017 (PDF, 207KB)

Notes from meeting 2 on 8 November 2017 (PDF, 380KB)

Agenda for meeting 2 on 8 November 2017 (PDF, 173KB)

Notes from meeting 1 on 25 October 2017 (PDF, 404KB)

Agenda for meeting 1 on 25 October 2017 (PDF, 206KB)

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