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Ebury Bridge Renewal

The council remains fully committed to the renewal of the Ebury Bridge Estate. We are listening to the views of residents and businesses on the future of Ebury Bridge. Proposals could include refurbishment of existing blocks through to building new homes. Keep up to date on this website.

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The Community Engagement Team are currently working with residents and businesses as part of the Listening Period. It is important that the views of residents and businesses on the future of Ebury Bridge are heard so please get in contact with the team at the details below.

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Please get in touch at:

Ebury Community Engagement Centre
1 Wainwright House, Ebury Bridge Estate
Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.
Evening open: Wednesdays 5pm to 7pm
Phone: 0800 011 3467

Latest Updates

On this page you will find the latest updates about the renewal of Ebury Bridge.

Community Day for Ebury Bridge - 23 September 2017

A Community Day was held on Saturday 23 September at the Community Engagement Centre at 1 Wainwright House.

Ebury child  

The event provided a host of fun activities and an opportunity for those who have not yet taken part in the Listening Period conversation to have their say. Local businesses put on activities from face painting and balloon modeling to home-made popcorn and henna art. Police crime reduction officers were on hand to mark and register residents' bikes with a unique ID number to make them easier to recover if stolen. For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the day.  If you were unable to be there and would still like to speak to us, why not pop in to the Community Engagement Centre or give us a call on 0800 011 3467.  Early morning, evening and weekend appointments can be arranged.

Cabinet Meeting - 10 July 2017

On Monday 10 July 2017, the council’s Cabinet authorised officers to work up in detail an entirely new scheme requiring resident engagement on all development options. The council is acutely aware that the regeneration process has been very frustrating for everyone and we apologise that it has taken so long. We would like to reassure residents that we remain fully committed to the regeneration of Ebury Bridge and to making this a success. This decision now means that our community engagement team will now start to make contact with each household on the estate to personally introduce themselves and commence the initial listening stage. Following this initial conversation a range of drop-in sessions and one-to-one meetings will be arranged to make sure the views of the whole estate can be accurately captured.


Does the council want to refurbish or redevelop the estate?

We cannot rule anything in or out at this stage as we are still listening to the views of residents and businesses on the future of Ebury Bridge. Proposals for the estate could include refurbishment of existing blocks through to building new homes. If we build new homes, these will be modern, energy efficient homes of all sizes and tenures. This will include more social rent homes than at present and more ‘intermediate’ rent homes (homes offered at lower rent than private rental homes) – alongside new community facilities and an improved public space. In developing any new scheme for the site we will keep viability in mind throughout to ensure any emerging scheme options are deliverable.

The council spent a lot of money on the previous scheme – what has this gone towards?

Under the consented scheme we have been working with leaseholders to buy back the private homes on the estate. We will continue to buy these back at market value and qualifying leaseholders will also get a statutory home loss and disturbance payment. As with any major renewal programme, the majority of the investment spent at this stage has gone towards the purchase of leasehold properties, without which, work on any future scheme involving redevelopment would be unable to start on site. Procuring architects and consultants did result in the submission of a successful planning application following extensive resident consultation. Unfortunately the consented scheme was not viable. We have learned much from this work which will help shape discussions on any new scheme.

Is the council going to replace social homes with private for sale homes?

No – in fact we will aim to increase significantly the amount of affordable housing in any scheme developed with residents compared with the amount of affordable housing on the estate at the moment. Any resident leaseholder or secure council tenant will have a right to return to a home on the estate in any new scheme.


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