Drain cleaning schedule

The council's policy is to clean all 14,000 drains in the city at least once per year.  Some drains are attended more frequently according to their needs and also jetted where necessary.

Parking disruption

Essential drain cleaning works can sometimes be quite disruptive, as we may need to suspend resident parking bays to gain access to drains. Please help us to cause as little disruption as possible by observing parking bay suspensions.

We realise suspensions can be a major disruption to residents, so we have introduced a return to service sticker which is used to indicate that suspended bays have been returned to normal use. Revisit sites where identified will be temporarily marked with kerb arrow stickers where necessary. These are drains that have not been accessed and cleaned due to parked vehicles.

Report drain cleaning issues online

Drain cleaning schedule

To quickly find a road, press Ctrl+f on your keyboard if you’re using a PC or Command (⌘)+f if you’re using a Mac and then type the name of the road you're looking for.

View the drain cleaning schedule (XLSX 2.2MB)


Last updated: 20 August 2019