Dog microchipping

It is a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped. If you haven’t had your dog microchipped, you may be fined or prosecuted.

You must make sure your dog is fitted with a microchip by the time it’s 8 weeks old. If buying a puppy, you should ask for proof a microchip has been fitted, as breeders need to ensure this before they are sold.

You can ask to see any of the following as proof:

  • microchip certificate
  • vet records
  • pet passport

You must make sure the microchip details are updated once you have bought the dog. You are responsible for keeping your dog’s microchip information up to date, for example if you move house.

Our animal wardens can microchip your dog for free. To book a visit from a warden, please email

A licensed vet or charitable organisation like Mayhew Animal Home or the Dog's Trust can also microchip your dog for a small fee.

Last updated: 21 March 2019
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