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Mon, 09/03/2015

Hiring apprentices helps businesses to gain fresh talent and build a motivated and qualified workforce, as well as being a great way to create opportunities for young people locally.

9 in 10 of every employer that takes on an apprentice report benefits to their business and an average increase in productivity of £214 a week.

There is lots of support for businesses that take on an apprentice, including:

  • access to grants and funding for small businesses and London employers
  • a high-quality recruitment service through the London Apprenticeship Company
  • free, expert advice and support

Westminster City Council has taken on more than twenty apprentices over the past 2 years.

Sarah Craddock, Senior Committee Officer in the council’s legal department, works with an apprentice in her team. She said:

“Hiring an apprentice has benefited our team in many ways. Our apprentice, Macauley, brings a fresh, new perspective and provides valuable support to the team.

“I recommend taking on apprentices because not only does it allow young people to gain work experience but it also helps the business by bringing on board bright talented individuals.”

Find out more about recruiting an apprentice through the London Apprenticeship Company and about National Apprenticeship Week.

Last updated: 20 April 2016
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