Cycle stands consultation

The council is currently consulting on proposed cycle stand installations.

Tell us what you think

Write to Megan Crawford, 25 Mandela Way London, SE1 5SZ.

Or you can call 020 7394 3024 or email

State reference CA111685/MC/CYC/*Plan Ref* (for example CA111685/MC/CYC/WE-204) in all correspondence.


The Council is currently consulting on proposed cycle stand installations at the following locations: 

WE-248 Argyll Street 

WE-249 Argyll Street 

WE-250 Argyll Street 

WE-121 Great Castle Street 

WE-244 Great Castle Street 

WE-245 Great Castle Street 

WE-246 Great Castle Street 

WE-247 Great Castle Street 

WE-210 Great Titchfield Street 

WE-219 Great Titchfield Street 

WE-220 Great Titchfield Street 

WE-224 Great Titchfield Street 

WE-235 Great Titchfield Street 

WE-240 Great Titchfield Street 

WE-241 Great Titchfield Street 

WE-251 Hanover Street 

WE-256 John Prince's Street 

WE-257 John Prince's Street 

WE-238 Little Titchfield Street 

WE-237 Margaret Street 

WE-213 Market Place 

WE-239 Market Place 

WE-243 Market Place 

WE-233 Middleton Place 

WE-234 Mortimer Street 

WE-252 New Burlington Street 

WE-152 Old Bond Street 

WE-104 Sackville Street 

WE-253 Sackville Street 

WE-254 Sackville Street 

WE-255 Sackville Street 

Statement of Reasons 

These sites are proposed in order to help meet the demand for cycle parking and will deter the parking of cycles in unsuitable and obstructive locations. This will help maintain safe pedestrian passage on City streets.



Last updated: 31 May 2018
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