Crime and prevention advice

Keep your belongings safe

Smartphones, tablets and laptops now seem like an essential part of life but they are probably some of the most expensive items you own. 

You can download an app that can track or disable your phone if lost or stolen and set up a passcode so if it does fall into the wrong hands your information can’t be accessed:

Register with Immobilise

A similar tool is available for cyclists:

Register on Bike Register

Report a crime anonymously 

If you want to report a crime but don’t want to tell the police, a parent or teacher, you can contact FearlessYou can report a crime without passing on any personal information and the site doesn’t trace your computer’s IP address so you can remain anonymous. 

Report a crime anonymously

If you’ve been a victim of a crime you can also contact Victim Support who are not part of the police. They will talk to you confidentially about the incident, look into ways to rebuild confidence and discuss other support options.

Stay safe online

Childline had excellent advice on cyber safety:

Get tips on staying safe online


If there's a gang culture in your area, you can talk to someone confidentially on:

or read about available support.

Last updated 30 December 2019

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