Could you adopt a child?

Wed, 29/10/2014

If you are considering adoption it could feel like there is a lot to take in – from understanding how adoption works and the requirements of becoming an adopter to being matched to a child.

This year, National Adoption Week is focusing on siblings and the special bond they share. Sadly, sibling groups are amongst the children who wait longest to be adopted. 

During National Adoption Week, 3 to 9 November, we are encouraging more people to come to our adoption information events on Thursday 6 November to find out more and to shake off some of the myths associated with adoption.

Will I be eligible to adopt?

There are only a few criteria’s you need to meet to be eligible for an assessment to adopt a child, you must be

  • Over 21
  • Able to show you can provide a nurturing, stable family environment
  • Meet a criminal requirements check

Whether you are single, have a disability, rent  or own a house/flat, or have a pet that wouldn’t pose as a threat, it does not matter.

James and Emma from Westminster wanted to start a family and felt they could provide a loving home to a child who hadn’t had the best start in life.

“On first sight, the assessment process seemed quite daunting. The assessment process lasted around eight months by which time our social worker probably knew more about us than our family and friends, but most importantly we felt that we were now fully prepared and ready to accept the massive change that was about to happen to our lives.

When we finally went to panel we felt confident, assured and very supported by our social worker. The panel experience is quite surreal, but we found it welcoming and an opportunity to share our hopes for the future.

Eventually after five months, a profile arrived in our inboxes that had both my wife and I very excited. A beautiful little five year old girl captured both of our hearts immediately. Finally the morning came when we collected our daughter and took her home with us for good.

Overnight our world changed beyond recognition. There was lots of laughter, lots of fun and constant reflection on whether we were doing things ‘right’. There were tears and occasional tantrums, but surprisingly 95% of this was just what comes with the territory for any five year old girl!”

Take the first step in adoption and come along to an adoption information session where you can find out more and the support available.

Last updated: 17 August 2018
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