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Volunteering with Westminster Connects

Read about how you can support and volunteer in roles that can help make a difference to everyone.

Published on: 16 January 2021

Last updated: 19 January 2021

Volunteer stories

Since the start of the pandemic. More than 3,000 Westminster residents have volunteered, carrying out over 50,000 acts of kindness, such as delivering food and making phone calls to check in on vulnerable people.

Karen McHugh helped package and deliver meals to people who were homeless and living in temporary accommodation. She said:

On one of my volunteering experiences, I delivered food to someone in north Westminster and I think he was just grateful to have someone knock at his door. He had been released from hospital, he was obviously someone who was quite vulnerable, and it was just nice for him to have someone to chat to.

Margaret Tyrka was part of the shopper service, where volunteers went to supermarkets with a resident’s shopping list and then delivered shopping to their doorstep. She said:

Westminster Connects is a great way to help the community. I delivered food and shopping during lockdown, assisting vulnerable people. It’s been a nice experience to help and I would advise everyone to join us in helping each other. Residents have been really grateful for all the volunteering we have done.

Joao Rocha is the Managing Director of Storm Flowers London. During lockdown, he used his company’s van to pick food parcels up from North Paddington Foodbank to deliver to those in need around Westminster. He said:

The reason why I volunteer is because I just want to give something back to my community and make good use of my time during lockdown and help other people, because I think that’s really important.