Converting your civil partnership to a marriage

Couples in an existing civil partnership may now convert their civil partnership to a marriage, as long as the civil partnership took place in England or Wales (or overseas in a consulate or armed forces base where the civil partnership was registered according to the laws of England and Wales).

You do not need to convert your civil partnership with the same local authority who registered it. For example, if your civil partnership took place in Surrey your conversion can still take place in Westminster.

Converting your civil partnership to a marriage is a simple administrative process which will take place at the Westminster Register Office on Harrow Road.

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1. Conversion appointment

A legal declaration will be drawn up for both of you to sign with the registrar present. Your marriage will then be registered and a marriage certificate will be issued.

There is no need for you to bring witnesses to your conversion appointment.

2. Conversion ceremonies

You can choose to follow your conversion appointment with a ceremony at any of Westminster’s over 150 licensed ceremony venues.

If you opt to have a ceremony, your conversion will take place in two stages:

1. Firstly, you will attend a conversion appointment.

2. Secondly, you will have your ceremony where your marriage will be registered. Your marriage certificate can then be collected from the Register Office or posted to you.

Your conversion appointment can take place a maximum of one year prior to your ceremony.

3. Required documents

You will both need to attend your conversion appointment in person and bring supporting documents with you. All documents must be valid originals. Expired documents or photocopies are not accepted.

Information and documents that must be provided at your conversion appointment

Proof of name and date of birth

Valid passport or UK, Channel Island or Isle of Man driving licence

Proof of address

Please bring ONE of the following for each person:

  • utility bill for services received at the property, e.g. gas, electric, water, landline, cable or broadband (excl. mobile phone bills) - must be dated within three months of the conversion appointment
  • bank or building society statement or passbook - must be dated within one month of the conversion appointment
  • council tax bill - must be dated within one year of the conversion appointment
  • mortgage statement - must be dated within one year of the conversion appointment
  • current residential tenancy agreement

Proof of civil partnership

Original civil partnership certificate

Name change

If one or both of you have changed your name since your civil partnership, you must provide Dead Poll documents.

If your name has been changed but not by Deed Poll, you must provide evidence of your former or other names e.g. name change documents or other evidence of a former name.

4. Fees

Civil partnership formed before 29 March 2014

If your civil partnership was formed before 29 March 2014 (before you had the opportunity to marry) and you attend your conversion appointment before 9 December 2015, there will be no fee.

However if you opt to follow your conversion with a ceremony, a £27 fee for your conversion appointment will apply in addition to the ceremony fees.

Civil partnership formed after 29 March 2014

If your civil partnership was formed after 29 March 2014, there is a fee of £45 for your conversion appointment.

5. Book your appointment or ceremony

To check availability for a conversion appointment and/or a conversion ceremony at Mayfair Library or Asia House, please call 020 7641 7500.

To check availability for a conversion ceremony at any other licensed venue, please contact the venue directly prior to calling 020 7641 7500 to arrange your conversion appointment.

For any queries, please call or visit the Westminster Register Office.

Last updated: 27 April 2017
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