Consultation on planning application(s)

A consultation period of 3 weeks is normally provided to allow members of the public the opportunity to comment on planning applications

Consultation takes the following forms:

  • details of the application are published on the Council's website

  • a site notice may be erected outside the property

  • an advert may be placed in the local press

  • letters may be sent to adjoining residents

  • consultations may also take place with statutory consultees such as the Environment Agency, the National Amenity Societies and Historic England in addition to others including local amenity societies and neighbourhood forums.

You can find out more about how to comment on a planning application and submit comments online. You can also register online to  be sent notifications of applications received within a particular area.

Contact Your Local Amenity Society or Forum

Your local Amenity Society or Neighbourhood Forum may be able to assist you if you wish to comment on a planning application or get involved in Neighbourhood Planning. You can check the list of Amenity Societies and other groups who the council consult on planning applications, and you can use the map below to search by address to find the relevant Societies and Neighbourhood Forums operating in your area.

The council has a long-standing system of recognising certain amenity societies within particular areas. To be identified as ‘recognised’, groups are asked to demonstrate they have a wide membership within a particular area, good governance arrangements in place as well as access to some relevant expertise for example in relation to architecture, conservation and planning. Societies which cover small areas, have a small membership or single focus would not generally be designated as recognised amenity societies but may still be consulted on applications. The council undertakes a review of amenity societies every few years to keep details up to date.

In addition to these groups, much of Westminster is now covered by designated Neighbourhood Forums, a number of whom are also standard consultees on planning applications. We also a consult a range of other local and special interest groups, such as conservation and 'friends' groups.


Last updated: 2 May 2018