Considerate Nightly Letting Charter

Nightly Letting in Westminster is a great option for homeowners to make some extra money by allowing tourists and business travellers to stay in their home for a few weeks or nights each year.

We know that most homeowners who do this keep their home to an excellent standard and follow the law, however some do not.  Westminster Council,  in partnership with the Short-Term Accommodation Association (STAA) - whose members include Airbnb, UndertheDoormat and HomeAway as well as many others - is committed to tackling the problems of nightly letting when:

  • they do not follow the law (eg nightly letting is only allowed for up to 90 nights per year and extra measures must be in place to make sure the home meets health and safety requirements)
  • issues such as loud noise and wrongly disposing of rubbish upsets the comfort of neighbours

Our Considerate Nightly Letting Charter explains in one place all the planning and environmental law that must be followed, and explains how everyone involved in nightly letting (including landlords, building owners) can make sure they are being considerate to their neighbours by following a few simple best practice steps.

Read the Considerate Nightly Letting Charter (PDF, 405KB)

Last updated: 5 March 2018