CommunitySafe is an alert notification system from Westminster City Council for public advice and information when a major incident occurs. 

As well as providing information about major incidents, we work with surrounding local authorities and official sources for information on extreme weather, policing, fire safety, large road closures, counter-terrorism, crime reduction and special events all occurring within the City of Westminster. 

How CommunitySafe Works

Community Safe delivers information to you wherever you are and works with mobile phones and modern mobile devices via SMS text messaging, email and Twitter.


Why register?

  • CommunitySafe is free and is aimed at Westminster residents and businesses, as well as people who work and visit the borough - but anyone with an email address and UK mobile number can sign up
  • CommunitySafe delivers information directly from Westminster straight to you, to keep you informed during major incidents and emergencies - you'll get early warning of major incidents affecting your area, with regular updates when required
  • CommunitySafe can send maps to your email and mobile device allowing you to have a better understanding of the impact of the event

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Last updated: 17 February 2017
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