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Volunteering with Westminster Connects

Read about how you can support and volunteer in roles that can help make a difference to everyone.

Published on: 16 January 2021

Last updated: 21 January 2022

Health Champions

COVID-19, access to health services, mental health and wellbeing and an array of other health issues affect us all. The Health Champions network is for any resident who wants to remain up to date on the latest advice about COVID-19 and other health related issues, and to engage with the council and other services on their views and experiences.

How it works

  • you sign up to be a Health Champion.
  • Health Champions receive regular updates on a range of subjects
  • if they can, Champions share this information with friends, family, colleagues, and anyone in their community, however they want
  • Champions let us know what is and isn’t working. Together we can do all we can to make sure that everyone in Westminster has the information they need to stay safe and healthy

Health Champion forums

Forums are held for Champions every other week on a Wednesday at 7pm and a Friday at 10am, please register to receive an invitation. 

The forum is an opportunity to give any feedback from conversations you have had, meet other Champions, and to hear from expert speakers and representatives from the council.