Community Governance Review

Between 2011 to 2012  we carried out a Community Governance Review. The aim of the review was to assess new forms of community governance, involvement and representation in Westminster.

The review assessed the potential for Parish Councils, as well as the Government’s then new proposals for Neighbourhood Forums (as set out in the Localism Act 2011). For further information about why we conducted this review, see the background information here.

Public Consultation

The review provided residents, businesses and interested organisations an opportunity to submit their views on how they wanted to represent their neighbourhoods and potentially get involved in the delivery of services.

A 14 week period of Westminster-wide consultation took place from 14th November 2011 to 17th February 2012.

The council produced a consultation document which sets out the background to community governance in Westminster, and the possible alternative arrangements that could be put in place in your area.

We would like to thank all those who responded to the consultation. In total, over 400 responses were received. We have produced a post-consultation report which provides full details of the consultation, including the publication of all responses received.

Queen’s Park Ward Referendum

As part of the Review, we resolved to undertake a referendum to ask all Queen’s Park residents on the electoral register whether they supported the formation of the Queen’s Park Community Council.

The referendum took place between Wednesday 9th May 2012 and Friday 25th May 2012. All Queen’s Park Ward residents on the electoral register received a ballot paper in the post, and were given the opportunity to vote on whether or not they support the creation of the Queen’s Park Community Council. To help residents decide, supporting information was provided alongside the ballot paper. Residents were able to vote by post, internet, telephone and SMS (text).

The formal declaration of the referendum results can be viewed here. Nearly 70% of the total votes received were in favour of the formation of the Queen’s Park Community Council.

Queen’s Park Community Council - Final Decision

The formal decision in relation to the formation of the Queen’s Park Community Council  was made at a special Cabinet meeting on 11th June 2012 and extraordinary Full Council meeting on 25th June 2012.The Queens Park Community Council will be created from 1st April 2014  with the election of parish councillors in May 2014. Find out more about the Queens Park Community Council here

Neighbourhood Forums

As part of the Community Governance Review findings, the City Council also agreed to support the potential for Neighbourhood Forums in Westminster. See here for more information on neighbourhood planning, including the process for becoming a Neighbourhood Forum. 

Last updated: 9 August 2016
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