Community Cohesion Commission

Help us build a more cohesive city

Westminster is one of the most diverse places in the world, with a rich array of residents and a thriving entertainment and cultural hub which attracts millions of visitors a week. To ensure Westminster continues to be a place where everyone feels they belong, and communities value one another, the council launched the Westminster Community Cohesion Commission. 

The Commission, led by Councillor Aiken, Leader of the Council and includes three other members including Councillor Hug, Leader of the Opposition, Councillor McAllister, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Councillor Mohammed, Ward Member for Bryanston and Dorset Square.

Over the last year, the Commission has spoken with different representatives in the community to better the council’s understanding of cohesion in Westminster. 

On the 29 November 2017, the Commission launched these findings to stakeholders at the Westminster Community Cohesion Summit. 

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The Commission has put forward three recommendations to build a stronger Westminster: 

1)      The council will do everything it can to make sure that people feel safe and have a stake in the city, including making sure that there are decent and affordable homes across all types of tenure, giving our residents the ability to put down roots and build neighbourhoods filled with community pride

2)      Working with voluntary and community groups, the council should help to bring people together to celebrate their diversity and take pride in the city’s neighbourhoods, including organising meetings and events and doing more to ensure that harder to reach groups have easy access to information and services

3)      The council should work with businesses, voluntary and community groups to develop an approach that enables businesses and other groups to easily connect with the community and jointly deliver activities to strengthen community cohesion. This should include making it easier for smaller organisations and community groups to bid for funds from the council and to participate in contracts

If you have any ideas on how we can put these recommendations into action, or if you have any questions about the report, please email

Last updated: 1 March 2018