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In December 2011, Westminster City Council launched a consultation paper that sets out a new vision for the running of the city and how public services will be delivered. At its heart lies civic responsibility, the idea that everyone who lives, visits or works in the city can contribute to making it a successful place.

The consultation period ended on 10th December 2012. Responses to this consultation will help shape the policy and priorities of the council in 2012/13 and beyond. The new leader of Westminster City Council will announce the outcome of the Civic Contract consultation and the future direction for the council on Wednesday 7th March 2012.

What is the Civic Contract?

A Civic Contract for Westminster set out the council’s ambitious response to the challenges currently facing local government, including growing financial pressures, working with limited resources and coping with high levels of unemployment, whilst taking forward the opportunities presented by the new Localism Act to enable communities to genuinely take responsibility for their areas. .

The Civic Contract outlines new ideas for residents, businesses and communities in managing the city and delivering public services, and in doing so creates a potential model for the future of local public service delivery across the country.

We think that a new civic contract should be guided by three principles:

First: responsibility - those that live, work or visit the city should take responsibility for their actions and behaviours.

Second: fairness - the days of something for nothing are over. We believe that everyone should contribute to what they receive whether paying for the services that they receive or becoming part of their local community.  We also think its fair to support the most vulnerable in our city but this will mean that we will need to take different decisions with the limited resources we have.

Third: opportunity - we believe that those with an interest in Westminster should work together to provide opportunities for those that live here.

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Everyone in Westminster had the chance to shape the future of their City. Westminster's Youth MP Omar Archer, 13, shared his views on what he thinks the Civic Contract means for young people in Westminster.

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