Westminster City Hall moves

Thu, 20/04/2017

Following a Cabinet decision in May 2016, Westminster City Hall on Victoria Street will be closed for refurbishment from the end of June 2017 until early 2019.

Once completed, the work will realise savings by reducing the relatively high running costs associated with the current, and not fit for purpose, City Hall as well as generating future income to support frontline services through letting high quality office accommodation. It will also provide a modern and efficient environment for visitors and Councillors, as well as boosting productivity amongst the staff who are based there.

Whilst the refurbishment works take place (June 2017 to January 2019) the offices on 64 Victoria Street will not be open to the public and council staff normally based there will temporarily move to 2 buildings.

Westminster City Hall will be based at 5 Strand, WC2N 5HR where the majority of council committee meetings will take place from 1 June 2017.

Licensing meetings will take place at 5 Strand, WC2N 5HR.

Registrar services (including giving notice of intention for marriage and civil partnerships) will move to 317 Harrow Road, W9 3RJ from March 2017.

Citizenship ceremonies will move to Old Marylebone Town Hall NW1 5PT,  whilst the registration of births and deaths will take place at Harrow Road as usual.

Council services which operate out of our other buildings, including 215 Lisson Grove, NW8 8LW and our libraries, will continue to operate as normal during this period.

Read more information on the background to the refurbishment.

Last updated: 4 June 2018