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City for All Vision and Strategy 2020/21

Working together to deliver a City for All in Westminster

We believe in creating a world class City for All.

Everything the council does should enable every individual in our city to have the opportunity to improve their lives. 


Our City for All

We believe in creating a world class City for All.

A city where people live in a healthy, sustainable and safe environment, can grow and learn throughout their lives, build fantastic careers in world-leading industries, have access to high quality, affordable homes and retire into the community with dignity and pride.

Tackling the climate emergency is the biggest challenge of a generation and we will play a leading role in delivering on our ambitious targets that will benefit the city for many years to come.

Our mission is to improve the lives of those that live in, work in or visit our city. We always put residents at the heart of all we do and also recognise that we are one of many organisations that can make positive changes. That’s why we are committed to working collaboratively with residents, businesses and partners to deliver our ambitious vision.


We have declared a climate emergency, signalling our intention to become a carbon neutral city by 2040.

We have delivered over 600 new affordable homes since 2017 and we will deliver more than 1,850 by 2023.

So far we have installed 470 EV charging points - more than any other local authority in the country.


Greener and Cleaner
Vibrant Communities
Smart City
Working together

Greener and Cleaner

​Westminster will be the UK city known for leading the way in tackling climate change and improving air quality.

Our children will inherit not just a better, healthier living environment but also a working model of how a global city can successfully take on the environmental challenges facing the next generation. Our city will maintain the highest standards in street cleanliness and excellent open spaces that our communities can remain proud of. Westminster, as the UK’s shop window, will be a showcase destination as we welcome businesses and visitors from across the globe.

Vibrant Communities

Westminster will be a city which builds the homes it needs to remain a welcoming, vibrant place for people from every background, at every income level and at every age. An environment where economic growth works to its optimum, creating job opportunities and improving living standards.

We will open doors to new experiences and life chances for our vibrant communities through excellent education and employment prospects. Everyone will have equal opportunity to succeed and be healthy no matter what their background. People will be able to retire with dignity and pride in Westminster and residents who need care will be supported within their own community.

Smart City

Westminster will be one of the best connected and most technologically advanced city on the planet. We will harness new technologies to make us the easiest council in the UK to do business with. Our ambition is to create a best in class website which will be easier to interact with than your bank, taxi service or favourite shopping platform and be the first choice for residents, businesses and visitors to do business with us.

We’ll ensure that internet connection speeds and access across Westminster are unrivalled by any other major city, making sure that technology works for the benefit of those who live, work and visit this complex urban environment. Being a smart city provides unique opportunities to enhance our communities’ experiences and capabilities, achieving a better and more joined-up council that will deliver better services more efficiently.

Working together to deliver a City for All

We believe that creating a City for All is everyone’s responsibility. Every single one of us – whether council, resident, family, business, voluntary group or visitor – has a part to play in contributing to our local community and improving the place where we live and work. Here are just a few ways in which you can do your bit:


Join Team Westminster and experience new volunteering opportunities, meet new people and support your neighbours. You can sign up at


Apply for MyWestminster Fund grant to put your local projects into action and strengthen community identity. You can find out more at


Donate to the Westminster Charitable Trust through the Westminster Community Contribution Scheme, supporting young people, helping rough sleepers off the streets and helping lonely people feel less isolated. You can find out more at


Get involved in Open Forums to speak directly with the Leader, Cabinet and senior officers about the local issues that matter the most to you. We also will be rolling out a series of area based meetings to discuss local issues. You can find out more at


Join our City Lions programme if you are between 13 and 16 years old to make the most of the fantastic opportunities in our city. You can find out more at