City for All 2017/18

Global city, strong neighbourhoods, thriving community

Cllr Nickie Aiken, Leader of Westminster City Council, said: "City for All in 2017/18 will focus on 3 new priorities. We will put civic leadership and responsibility at the heart of all we do. We will promote opportunity and fairness across the city. We will set the standards for a world class city. My priorities will be underpinned by an open, working partnership between our residents, businesses and stakeholders."

Young woman holding campaign board
Olivia, works as a store manager in Soho

"Soho is special for me because there is such a great sense of community and creative spirit. There is a great camaraderie about the whole place."

#MySoho #MyWestminster

Young man holding campaign board
Tim, musical theatre actor in the West End

"The West End is vibrant – buzzing with life. Absolutely everything goes on here. You can do anything, be anyone you want to be, see anything you want to see – it’s a pretty amazing place."

#MyWestEnd #MyWestminster

Young family holding campaign board
Bryan with his wife Hien, lives on Baker Street

"Baker Street is an amazing area in a very friendly neighbourhood. There is so much life around, all the shops are open all the time. I absolutely love it."

#MyBakerStreet #MyWestminster

Street sweeper holding campaign board
Maristela, street sweeper in Mayfair

"I like seeing clean streets. Many people think this job is hard, but for me it’s not. I enjoy it so much, and many residents stop to compliment me, which makes my day."

#MyMayfair #MyWestminster

Older woman holding campaign board
Marianne, lives on Edgware Road

"This neighbourhood is convenient for everything: the shops, Church Street Market which is wonderful, the doctor and the dentist."

#MyEdgwareRoad #MyWestminster

Two teenagers holding campaign board
Hamza, lives in Church Street, Westminster Youth MP 2016/17 and Aby, lives in Soho, Westminster Youth MP 2015/16

"Soho is a lively, bubbly place. There is something going on every hour of the day, be that 4 in the morning or 7 at night. It is beautiful and it’s got so many great people in it."

#MySoho #MyWestminster

Air marshal holding campaign board
Mahmoud, works as an Air Marshal across central Westminster

"The best part of my job is talking to residents and visitors about engine idling, giving advice to people and letting them know what’s going on, keeping them up to date every single day."

#MyMarylebone #MyWestminster

Young man holding campaign board
Vonley, Harrow Road resident and Community Champion

"You’ve got the Irish, Caribbean, African, English and Arabic community meeting here – there is so much diversity and everyone kind of crosses over. It’s nice when you walk into the shop and you hear a Caribbean person quote an Arabic term or vice versa – it’s amazing and really special how people are communicating."

#MyHarrowRoad #MyWestminster

Man with woman holding campaign board
Teshome, works as a Registrar in Victoria and Marta, new citizen, lives in Bayswater

"Victoria is accessible and vibrant. Working here, with its proximity to major landmarks and historical sites, I feel like I am commuting to the very heart of the capital."

#MyVictoria #MyWestminster

Woman and her daughter holding campaign board
Nabila and her daughter Nada, First family to move into the new homes built as part of the Church Street area regeneration

"There is a good sense of community in this area. People are nice and friendly around here. When you go out everyone knows you which is nice. I feel safe."

#MyLissonGrove #MyWestminster

Man holding campaign board
Peter, lives in Pimlico

"The Westminster Music Library is certainly a community gem. They do wonders here, always putting on excellent displays and concerts for people."

#MyPimlico #MyWestminster

Young children holding campaign board
Reem, Yuika, Humza, Tyler and Coco go to school in St Johns Wood

"Welcome to our Westminster!"

#MyWestEnd #MyWestminster

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