Church Street and Paddington Green planning briefs

Draft Planning Briefs for Church Street, Paddington Green and Lisson Grove Regeneration Sites

The City Council sought views on the following four Draft Planning Briefs.

In accordance with relevant regulations, a consultation statement was prepared to accompany the planning briefs.

Occupiers in the respective areas were written to in January 2012 and were sent a summary of the relevant planning brief included with the letter. These summaries are available below.

Future Plans

The Council is embarking on a programme of regeneration and renewal in accordance with the aims of the Futures Plan, in order that we may continue to offer a range of affordable housing, and create vibrant, mixed use neighbourhoods which provide good places to live and opportunities to work. The Futures Plan is a key stage in the process of identifying options for future development but is not a formal planning document.

The Council is committed to setting out a clear planning framework for the development of Westminster. In order to engage the local community in the planning process, and ultimately assist potential developers in drawing up development proposals, the council produces draft planning briefs for particular sites, which once adopted become material planning considerations when determining planning applications for that site.

These four draft planning briefs were prepared in response to the identification of four redevelopment sites in the first phase of the regeneration framework for the Church Street and Paddington Green area, in order to explore planning opportunities and constraints. They were prepared as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD's), applying development plan policies to the sites.


The Draft Planning Briefs were subject to a six week public consultation, in order that the views of residents, organisations and interested parties could be heard. It has been decided not to adopt the planning briefs, but keep them draft. They have been, and will continue to be useful in informing the phase 1 planning applications. 

Further draft planning briefs are likely for Phase 2 sites in due course.

Last updated: 21 June 2016
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