Chinese New Year

Fri, 16/02/2018

London is to host the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia this weekend.

Chinese New Year is a prominent Chinese festival, celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. Each year is associated with an animal and with the Chinese zodiac moving in a 12-year cycle, 2018 is the year of the Dog.

With Chinatown placed at the heart of London and a world-class tourist destination. Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for everyone from all walks of life to join in and celebrate Chinese traditions and culture through this free, family-friendly event.

Traffic disruption are expected throughout the event. We advise visitors not to drive into the city during the event. Visit the TfL website for the latest travel updates.

Road closures for this two-day event are as follows:

Saturday 17th Feb – Community Day

The Saturday is mainly a ‘community’ event with ‘Lion Dances’ confined within the established ‘China Town’ area, that takes place between 12:00pm and 6:00pm (1200 - 1800) with the following roads closed to through traffic between 11:30am and 6:00pm (1130 – 1800); Wardour Street (between Shaftesbury Avenue and Coventry Street),

  • Macclesfield Street,
  • Dansey Place
  • Gerrard Place,
  • Gerrard Street,
  • Newport Place,
  • Little Newport Street,
  • Lisle Street,
  • Leicester Street and
  • Leicester Place

Sunday 18th Feb – Main Chinese New Year Celebrations

From 6:00am until 20:00pm

• Dean Street between Shaftesbury Avenue and Old Compton Street

• Duncannon Street between St Martin’s Place and Strand

From 07:00am until 20:00pm

• Pall Mall East and the west side of Trafalgar Square

• Charing Cross Road slip (west of the old WCC Public Convenience Island adjacent to Irving Street / Orange Street)

From 08:00am until 20:00pm

Road closures will be in place to accommodate the main Chinese New Year celebrations.

  • Bear Street
  • Charing Cross Road (southbound from Denmark Street to Shaftsbury Avenue)
  • Charing Cross Road (between St Martin’s Place and Shaftesbury Avenue)
  • Coventry Street
  • Cranbourne Street (east and west of Charing Cross Road)
  • Dansey Place
  • Dean Street
  • Earlham Street
  • Frith Street (between Shaftesbury Avenue and Old Compton Street)
  • Gerrard Place
  • Gerrard Street
  • Greek Street (between Shaftesbury Avenue and Old Compton Street)
  • Gower Street
  • Irving Street
  • High Holborn (no entry westbound from junction with Kingsway)
  • Hyde Park Corner slip road (eastbound on to Piccadilly),
  • Hyde Park Corner underpass (eastbound from the junction with Knightsbridge)
  • Leicester Court
  • Leicester Place
  • Leicester Square
  • Leicester Street
  • Lisle Street
  • Little Newport Street
  • Long’s Court
  • Macclesfield Street
  • Moor Street (between Old Compton Street and Romilly Street)
  • New Compton Street (No Entry westbound from St Giles High Street)
  • Newport Court
  • Newport Place
  • Orange Street
  • Oxenden Street
  • Panton Street
  • Piccadilly Arcade (between j/w Duke of Wellington Place and Piccadilly)
  • Romilly Street
  • Rupert Street (between Archer Street and Shaftsbury Avenue)
  • Rupert Street (between Shaftsbury Avenue and Coventry Street)

Parking suspensions are in place across the following streets, please check the suspension signs for timings and relocations:

  • Little Newport Street
  • Charing Cross Road
  • Duncannon Street
  • Frith Street
  • Dean Street
  • Rupert Street
  • Litchfield Street
  • Shaftesbury Avenue
  • Whitcomb Street

Last updated: 27 February 2018
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