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Children's charter

Our 8 point promise to children and young people

Adults who work with you in Westminster will:

  1. Listen to your views and take them seriously
  2. Help you to be healthy
  3. Help you to feel more safe from crime, bullying and racism
  4. Work with you to protect and improve the local environment
  5. Support you to learn so that you can do your very best
  6. Give you the chance to enjoy a range of activities in your free time
  7. Listen to you when you have a problem and help you to solve it
  8. Involve you in planning our services for children and young people

Download a copy of Westminster's promise to children and young people

How the promise fits into our plans

We will:

  • ask a Councillor to take special responsibility for hearing what children and young people are saying
  • get better at talking with young children, young people with disabilities and their families about the services they need
  • train our staff and help your parents/carers to listen to your problems and help you to solve them
  • make the places where you go for help with your health friendly and comfortable for children and young people to be in
  • make sure that every adult who works in Westminster schools knows how to deal with bullying and racism
  • support environmental projects in schools and communities with which children and young people can be involved
  • use as many of your ideas as possible to make the areas where you live feel safer
  • get your views on what you want your schools to look like and how you want to learn
  • plan our summer programme using the ideas you have had about the activities that you would like to try
  • organise regular events to give young people the chance to give their views

How will we know if we have been successful?

We will know we have done what we promised because:

  • important decision papers which councillors look at will include information about what children and young people think
  • we will be able to tell you what we have done to turn our promises into actions
  • you will tell us that things have got better in your lives when we consult you
  • you will be involved in helping us plan the services you use

If you have any questions or comments about the promise:

If you are a child or young person:

  1. speak to your school council
  2. speak to an adult who works with you if you are a child or young person

Alternatively, contact us online.

Last updated: 2 February 2017