Changes to children’s services

Our priority as a council is to protect and provide services to the most vulnerable people in society, including families, children and young people. 

To continue to deliver Children’s Services in a context of shrinking budgets we consulted with families and young people in January 2015, to hear their views on how to re-shape our services to better target those most in need. 

Since that time the money we receive from government has reduced even further and we have to find new ways to meet our commitment to protect vulnerable families.  

This means identifying problems facing families at the earliest opportunity and providing support before they become more complex and harder to solve. Problems may arise early in life, or throughout adolescence, but we know that addressing problems when they first emerge is the most effective way to deliver Children’s Services.   

To do so, we consulted once more with families and young people in January 2016 and are now proposing to make a number of changes to the way we deliver services for children and young people:

  • we will reshape our early help model, including Children’s Centres, so that funding for child protection work is protected and the vital role Early Help plays in preventing the escalation of problems among families and children most at risk is maintained
  • we will work more closely with families to help them identify where they can make change themselves, to successfully look after their children into adulthood
  • we will use our unique position as a local authority to bring together partners in education, business, charity, the local community and more to work together and better respond to local needs. In particular we will work with local organisations on a new approach to services for young people including youth clubs

Our ultimate ambition is to make Westminster the best place in the country for children to grow up. A place where children get the best possible start in life, families thrive and young people are equipped for the future.

There are challenging times ahead, so we must creatively rethink our services now to achieve this ambition and protect those most in need in the future. 

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Last updated: 11 August 2016
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