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The Prevent parenting programme

Parents from vulnerable families can improve their awareness of the threats faced by the children and their parenting skills.

Published: 16 February 2021

Last updated: 16 February 2021

Prevent is a 13 to 14 week parenting programme is for parents from families identified as vulnerable by safeguarding practitioners and community partners.

It aims to improve people's parenting skills and awareness of the risks and vulnerabilities experienced by their children.

Participation in the programme will improve the confidence and skills of parents to recognise where they may need to seek support for vulnerable individuals within their family and friend networks.

The programme is based on the Race Equality Foundation’s ‘Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities’ (SFSC) parenting course with specific reference to violent extremism in line with the objectives of the Government’s Prevent Strategy.


SFSC aims to help parents:

  • gain a better understanding of child development
  • use positive discipline techniques, promote children’s social skills and self-discipline
  • achieve positive change in family relationships
  • explore and develop strategies to deal with factors that can lead to poor outcomes for children.

The additional elements of the programme are:

  • to support parents with understanding the important role they have in preventing vulnerable young people from getting involved in or supporting terrorism
  • to improve the parenting skills of parents from vulnerable communities
  • to encourage better relationships between parents and children so that parents can fill the space where extremists, gang leaders and other negative influences try to operate
  • to give parents the confidence and knowledge to ensure that their children live within an environment that enables them to balance the demands of their faith alongside their need to integrate and embrace British society, values and opportunities
  • to improve awareness of other complementary issues that contribute to an individual’s overall vulnerability to extremism such as the conflict in Syria, criminality, gangs, anti-social behaviour, truancy and disruptive behaviour in schools
  • to improve parents' understanding of mainstream support services and structures available to help them.

Course details

The programme is for parents with children aged 10 to 25 years and who have been referred by safeguarding practitioners or community partners.

It will run for 13 to 14 weeks with a 3-hour session each week.

Groups will be led by experienced facilitators to encourage participants to share and discuss their particular concerns and issues. Sessions can be delivered in the language best suited to the needs of the participants.

Childcare is available for course participants if required and refreshments will be provided.

There will be courses running across the 3 boroughs from September 2015.

Contact details

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