Changes to licensing hours for English games in the World Cup

Thu, 19/06/2014

Licensing laws will be relaxed across the country during the World Cup for England games that start at 8pm or later. 

On England match days, pubs can stay open for 4 hours after kick-off until 1am at the latest. 

For example:

  • if kick off is at 8pm, pubs can open until midnight (or later with a TEN)

  • if kick off is at 9pm, pubs can take advantage of the 1am extension

  • if kick off is after 9pm, pubs can still only open until 1am as a maximum

  • if it isn’t an England game, there is no extension of closing time and pubs can only trade beyond normal hours if they have submitted a valid TEN

You can see more information about Temporary Event Notices (TEN) here

Last updated: 10 August 2016
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