Carriageway and footway planned preventative maintenance programme

Each year the council develops a programme of planned preventative maintenance for its roads and footways. Below is the current delivery programme showing the locations, proposed work dates, the programme type and the ward. For the carriageway resurfacing, there may be up to 3 stages depending on the work required. Where ‘civils’ are listed, this is generally realignment of kerbing before the resurfacing works takes place. In some cases, skid resistant surfacing is also required. This cannot take place for at least 30 days after the resurfacing is completed.

You can view our current programme below in either excel or pdf format; the excel version is filtered to allow it to be searched easily by ward.

While we aim to keep to our programmes, it can be subject to change from time to time.

Download excel file (23KB)

Download PDF file (316KB)

Last updated: 15 June 2016
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