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Busy2s - up to 15 hours of free childcare for 2-year-olds

Busy2s offers parents up to 15 hours of free weekly childcare to keep children aged 2-3 busy, so you can be busy too! 

This offer allows children, whose parents are on lower incomes or have children with additional needs, to explore new horizons, develop exciting new skills and build for their future. Children enjoy an early education, offering them the chance to learn and socialise before starting school, whilst parents could take part in a training course, take up part time work or simply have 15 hours a week to themselves! 

Participating providers across Westminster accept the Busy2s voucher; simply hand it into one of our listed providers (subject to availability) and your child can start the term after their second birthday, so you can start making the most of your time! 

The possibilities are endless, click here to find out if you’re eligible for free childcare funding today! 

Click here to find out if you're eligible

1. How does it work?

Busy2s couldn't be simpler!  

First, find out if you qualify for funding by clicking here

Note that you will need the following to complete your application: 

  • National Insurance number or National Asylum Support Service number 
  • Your date of birth 
  • An email address 
  • Your child’s date of birth 

If you are accepted you will be provided with a Busy2s voucher to redeem at one of the providers listed, subject to availability. Then simply hand your voucher into a provider so you can start enjoying up to 15 hours per week of free childcare!

Please note that additional costs (such as meals, trips or nappies) are not covered as part of this programme. 

Click here to apply

2. Participating settings

Providers in North East Westminster

Provider name Contact Details
Barrow Hill Pre-School Tenant’s Hall Barrow Hill Estate
Allisten Road, London, NW8 6LW
Tel: 020 7722 5455
Fisherton Pre-School Community Centre Selina House
Fisherton Estate London NW8 8PL
Tel: 020 7723 2207
Holcroft Nursery 10 Carburton Street
London W1W 5AL
Tel: 020 7636 0419
Independent Mothers’ Pre School Broadley Street Gardens
London NW8 8BN
Tel: 020 7725 5787
Marylebone Village Nursery School 22 George Street
Marylebone W1U 3QY
Tel: 020 7935 2441
Micky Star Community Nursery 57 St Michael's Street
London W2 1QR
Tel: 020 7262 5590
NEWPIN Pre-School 21 Gateforth Street London NW8 8EQ
020 7724 6765
Portman Early Childhood Centre 4 Lilestone Street
London NW8 8SU
Tel: 020 7641 5435
The Merchant Day Nursery 13 Harbet Road
London W2 1AJ
Tel: 020 7402 2227
The Vestry Pre-School St. Marks Church Abercorn Place
London NW8 9YD
Tel: 020 7624 2705
Tresham Crescent Community Nursery 27 Tresham Crescent
London NW8 8TN
Tel: 020 77247730
The Co-operative Childcare Maida Vale The Annex Essendine Road London W9 2LR Tel: 020 7121 0077 Email: Website:


Childminders in North East Westminster

Name Contact details
Anne Thake Tel: 020 7724 6227
Carol Odeku


Tel: 07949911373

Fatima Azarkan


Tel: 07773304886

Nabila Tabila Tel: 07904927218
Ylva Karlsjo


Tel: 07931690679


Providers in North West Westminster

Provider name Contact details
Ashmore Pre-School

St Luke’s Church Centre Fernhead Road
London W9 3EJ
Tel: 020 8968 6225

St Luke's Church Centre Fernhead Road
London W9 3EJ
Tel: 020 8968 6225

Dorothy Gardner Centre 293 Shirland Road London W9 3JY
Tel: 020 8969 5835
Elgin Pre-School Community Centre Elgin Estate Harrow Road
London W9 3RS
Tel: 020 7289 7895
Emmanuel Playgroup 389e Harrow Road
London W9 3NA
Tel: 020 8964 1983
Essendine Primary School Essendine Road London W9 2LR
Tel: 020 7641 4382
Hallfield Primary School Hallfield Estate
London W2 6JJ
Tel: 020 70874960
Katharine Bruce Nursery Queen’s Park Court Ilbert Street
London W10 4QA
Tel: 020 7641 5835
Mary Paterson Nursery School 13 Riverton Close off Ashmore Road
London W9 3DS
Tel: 020 8969 9683
Email: or
Parkview Lodge Pre-School Park View Lodge Senior Street
London W2 5TL
Tel: 020 7289 6714
Queensborough Nursery 5/8 Queensborough Terrace
London W2 3TA
Tel: 020 7727 9608
Rainbow Nursery 11 Bravington Road London W9 3AB
Tel: 020 8968 2690
Warwick Nursery Cirencester Street London W2 5SR
Tel: 020 7641 4361


Childminders in North West Westminster

Name Contact details
Sarah Green Email:
Graca Emilana Tel: 07830699236
Jaheda Bubli


Tel: 07956987204

Sarah Seisay





Providers in South Westminster

Provider name Contact details
Abbots Manor Nursery Sutherland Street London SW1V 4JP
Tel: 020 7828 6033
Angel Community Nursery St Gabriel’s School Churchill Gardens Road
London SW1V 3AG
Tel: 020 7828 1922
Pimlico Nursery Westminster Adult Education Service Pimlico Centre Lupus Street
London SW1V 3AT
Tel: 020 7641 1348
Soho Family Centre St James’s Residence 23 Brewer Street
London W1F ORP
Tel: 020 7439 1578


Childminders in South Westminster

Name Contact details
Carly Angels


Tel: 07474241505

Josephine Rodriquez


Tel: 07577965569

Anneysia Chentouf Tel: 07852247759
Silvia Bouakkaz

Tel: 07803730347


3. Terms and conditions


A Busy2s voucher entitles the named child up to a maximum of 15 hours per week of free childcare.  The funding will continue until the school term in which your child becomes 3 years old.  3 year olds go on to the universal entitlement the term following their 3rd Birthday. Find out more

This weekly entitlement can be stretched over more than 38 weeks (which means taking fewer hours per week, subject to a maximum of 570 hours a year).  If the free childcare provision is first taken up part way through the year the council will pro-rata the eligible annual number of hours to reflect this.

This offer is valid from the date a Busy2s voucher is given to the setting and cannot be back-dated.

A Busy2s voucher can only be redeemed at one of the participating settings listed. If the voucher is used at more than one setting you will be responsible for the full payment for childcare costs to both settings.

This entitlement does not offer a guarantee of a place at any one setting or a particular pattern of provision.

Free childcare provision does not cover any additional hours over the 15 per week or any of the following services, which the setting is allowed to charge for:

  • meals and/or snacks
  • consumable goods such as nappies and sun cream
  • trips
  • special tuition

These items can be provided by parents to reduce the overall cost.

Please consult the setting for details on charges and rates if you want the setting to provide these services for the child.

If funding for this place is withdrawn on the grounds that a setting fails to meet criteria set by the Department for Education, the council shall secure alternative free childcare provision for your child as soon as possible.

Participating settings

The named child's eligibility on each Busy2s voucher has been confirmed by Westminster City Council’s Early Years Team and their continued attendance at your organisation will be monitored by the council’s headcount system and audit. Using a Busy2s voucher, up to 15 hours of free childcare per week during term time or stretched over more than 38 weeks (subject to a maximum of 570 hours a year) may be claimed for this child until the start date of the beginning of the school term after their third birthday. It is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure the child does not start their entitlement to free childcare until the start date of the term beginning after the child becomes 2 years old. 

The council shall withdraw funding within a timescale we consider appropriate in the following circumstances:

  1.  Where we have reasonable grounds to believe that one or more of the criteria set out by Section A24.8 are applicable
  2.  Where we consider any of the grounds of Section A3 to be applicable of the Department for Education Early Education and Childcare Guidance for Local Authorities 2018.

The provision of free childcare to a parent presenting this Busy2s voucher shall be in accordance with the agreement in place with the council in respect of free childcare. 

The provider shall not charge the parents top-up fees or a registration fee as a condition of taking up their child’s free place.

The provider shall publish their admissions criteria and ensure the parents understand which hours / sessions can be taken as free provision.

The provider shall ensure any deposit paid to secure the child’s free place is refunded in full to the parents within a reasonable time scale.

Last updated: 14 December 2018