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Coronavirus: a helping hand for businesses

This page contains information for Westminster businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Published on: 15 January 2021

Last updated: 29 March 2021

Safety and contingency planning

Social distancing signage

We have produced a toolkit to help your business open and operate safely. It will be crucial to the successful recovery of the city that we support customers to follow the guidelines set by government to ensure we do not risk a resurgence of coronavirus cases.  

You can download the full toolkit as a zipped file from WeTransfer (with individual assets) or you can download the toolkit in PDF format below. The toolkit contains: 

  • floor stickers
  • food stickers 
  • queue posters 
  • sanitizer signs 
  • window stickers 
  • shop local 
  • full asset toolkit


We have produced a detailed guide to support businesses reviewing queuing arrangements for their respective premises, taking into account social distancing measures. Queuing arrangements will need to consider a number of factors and we have outlined what you will need to consider in planning your implementation.

Contingency planning

A business continuity management plan may help you return to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible.

Preparing your business for emergencies

Fire safety 

With many businesses now looking at reopening, and adapting how they work to incorporate social distancing it's crucial fire safety needs are considered alongside these changes.

Visit London Fire Brigade


Water system stagnation due to lack of use needs to be managed to prevent problems upon reinstatement or return to use. Different types of water systems may require different precautions to be applied to manage the high risk of Legionella. It’s vital that all premises with a water system have an active programme in place to control the growth of Legionella bacteria and so ensure the safety of their employees, guests and other people, as well as the businesses’ reputation.

Learn more about how to manage your water system

Deep cleaning service and PPE disposal 

We have a special disinfection service for businesses looking to maintain a high standard. The disinfection service minimises risk to employees and customers to provide essential safety reassurance. Where people come into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, our solution eradicates the health and safety risks associated with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 at your sites. 

We also have a range of information on disposal of PPE and support for businesses around resuming their collections on our Clean Streets hub