Business success stories popping up across Westminster

Thu, 07/02/2019

Entrepreneurial spirit in Westminster is alive and well thanks to an innovative and FREE ‘Pop Up’ business school that gets people into business quickly.

Westminster Council’s PopUp Westminster gets people going fast and tests their ideas on how to make money doing what they love. PopUp Westminster’s latest training course, held at the end of 2018, has already seen 30 per cent of attendees successfully trading in the New Year - with 69 per cent close to being ready to do business. A total of 148 people attended the free course. Your dream of starting-up a business could be a reality if you sign-up for the next ‘Pop Up’ sessions to be held in Westminster over the summer.

Westminster City Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Education and Skills, Cllr David Harvey, said:

“The PopUp business school run start-up events to help people start small businesses and making money doing what they love. The approach is the polar opposite of traditional approaches to starting a business, Pop-Up works how entrepreneurs work. The PopUp business school does not believe in detailed business plans and definitely doesn’t believe in loans or grants because this puts more people off than it helps, instead it focuses on the energy and enjoyment of developing and selling a product, service or activity that customs want to buy.

“The PopUp business school will show you how to start-up without spending a penny, make a great website for free and get you to your first sale. Westminster is a city of opportunity where everyone should have the opportunity to build their lives, careers and families here – which is why the PopUp business school has our full support.”

In the run-up to the start of the course, PopUp Business School and partners, Westminster City Council, find a location for the school to pop-up in. A huge amount of effort goes into promoting the PopUp Business School so would-be entrepreneurs do not miss their opportunity. This takes place across social media, local flyer drops, local partner promotion, local media and the job centre.

During the course, attendees learn how to start a business with no money; how to build a website for free and how to make money from your sofa. It’s a fun, friendly and an informal event, offering a wealth of advice, ideas and opportunities to ask questions.

PopUp Business School’s Director and lead facilitator in Westminster, Alan Donegan, added:

“Business and entrepreneurship has completely changed over the last decade. You can now build a website for free in an afternoon, launch on social media and start trading by the evening. Westminster is an incredible place to launch a business. With such a vibrant network of entrepreneurs and business people and a huge market to sell to, there has never been a better time to launch your idea out into the world and start selling.”

If you are sceptical about Pop-Up, research carried out in and around Reading show that small businesses started through pop up are at least 10% more likely to be working in trading 18 months later than the broad start-up business population.

PopUp Westminster has been funded by Westminster City Council, Blenheim, Derwent London, Octavia Foundation and Turning Point. For support and more information on how to set up a business in Westminster visit To register for your interest in future PopUp courses, visit or call Alan on 07932 247 353.

Last updated: 14 February 2019