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Business Information Points

There are 4 Business Information Points (BIPs) offering excellent resources and networking opportunities for business:

Whether you're taking your first steps as an entrepreneur, or looking for new ideas for your business, our BIPs can help.

Around 140,000 people benefit from BIPs per year, a new turnover of approximately £1.8 million is generated by BIP clients per year as well as £400,000 net GVA.

Watch this BBC clip to see how successful Westminster entrepreneur Ben Reynolds used the BIPs to start his business.

BIPs offer:

  • books on starting a business, marketing, finance, tax and more
  • business opportunities and advice on how to run a business
  • market reports and industry overviews
  • information on companies, manufacturers and suppliers
  • access to current and past news coverage
  • free internet access and WiFi
  • access from anywhere to our 24/7 online resources

The BIP at Westminster Reference library also offers:

  • access to market reports, major daily papers, and trade and financial journals
  • a research and mailing list creation service (£35 per hour) - email for more information

Events and networking

BIPs hold regular events and workshops providing valuable networking opportunities. View or book events at Eventbrite, or view our library events page.

Sign up to Eventbrite or email to be added to our events mailing list.

Supporting resources

Westminster's specialist libraries provide many resources like:

  • Westminster Reference Library's law collection
  • Westminster City Archives' business collection
  • Westminster Reference Library's performing arts and art and design collections including The Knowledge, PCR, The White Book
  • the Music Library's music collection

Further information

Last updated: 19 August 2020