Building control and Westminster District Surveyors

Building control

Building control is where a person intending to carry out building work is assisted by a 3rd party organisation in complying with the building regulations.

The 3rd party, known as a building control body (BCB), is an expert in the subject of building regulations compliance.

The BCB helps the developer comply with regulations and provides them with a certificate at the end of the project.

Westminster District Surveyors

The building regulations sets the standards that buildings must be constructed to.

Our team of professional surveyors and engineers ensures developers comply with the regulations, and advises and guides designers and builders through the statutory processes.

If our building control professionals are brought into the development team at an early stage, their local knowledge and experience will be a valuable asset.

Apart from building control, the District Surveyors team enforces building related issues. If you have information about unauthorised building works, potentially dangerous buildings, or buildings not displaying street numbers, let us know.

Last updated: 8 November 2016