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Converting your civil partnership to a marriage

Couples in an existing same-sex civil partnership may now convert their civil partnership to a marriage.

Published on: 3 December 2020

Last updated: 4 February 2021

Required documents and fees

Required documents 

You will both need to attend your conversion appointment in person and bring supporting documents with you. All documents must be valid originals. Expired documents or photocopies are not accepted. 

Proof of name and date of birth 

Valid passport or UK, Channel Island or Isle of Man driving licence.

Proof of address

Please bring one of the following for each person: 

  • utility bill for services received at the property, e.g. gas, electric, water, landline, cable or broadband (excl. mobile phone bills) - must be dated within three months of the conversion appointment 

  • bank or building society statement or passbook - must be dated within one month of the conversion appointment 

  • council tax bill - must be dated within one year of the conversion appointment 

  • mortgage statement - must be dated within one year of the conversion appointment 

  • current residential tenancy agreement 

Proof of civil partnership

Original civil partnership certificate.

Name change

If one or both of you have changed your name since your civil partnership, you must provide Deed Poll documents. 

If your name has been changed but not by Deed Poll, you must provide evidence of your former or other names e.g. name change documents or other evidence of a former name.


There is a £45 fee for an appointment to convert your civil partnership. 

If you opt to follow your conversion with a ceremony, a £27 appointment fee will apply in addition to the ceremony fee.