Being in care and leaving care

We've produced two useful leaflets for you if you are in care or about to leave it.

Being looked after

If you're under 18 and not living with your parents, Westminster City Council has a duty to help you.

This guide tells you about your rights when you are in care, including information on:

  • your care plan
  • your education
  • what you are entitled to

'Being looked after' guide

Leaving care

Once you turn 18, you are considered an adult but our Westminster Leaving Care Service will give you advice up to the age of 21.

The Leaving Care Team is located at 6 Crompton Street, London, W2 1ND and can be contacted on 020 7641 4143.

Our guide tells you about:

  • planning for education or training
  • planning to get a job
  • what you are entitled to

'Becoming a care leaver' guide


Last updated 29 April 2016