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All of our markets are different in character and style so it is important to understand the market that you are applying for a licence on. All vacancies on the markets are advertised on the website, and only applications submitted in response to an advertised vacancy will be accepted. Please note that we are only determining applications for temporary licences at this time

We are in the process of reviewing our street trading policy and anticipate that consultation on a revised policy will be undertaken with relevant stakeholders at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. The policy will then be formally adopted in March 2018. In parallel with this, we are working on a new strategy for the street markets in Westminster. The revised policy and market strategy will jointly define a new vision and objectives for the street markets in Westminster and will help to inform all decisions that the Council makes in determining street trading applications for the markets.

Any street trading licence applications that are received will therefore be held and not determined until these are finalised. We anticipate that this will be in Spring 2018. We will continue to determine applications for temporary licences to allow trading on the markets for up to 6 months in the meantime.

1. Apply for a licence

We accept applications for temporary licences from potential food and non-food traders who are interested in trading on any vacant market or isolated pitch whilst that vacant pitch is being advertised. Food traders should refer to our guidance notes for food traders.

Please review the current vacant pitches and if there is a vacancy that you are interested in, please complete an application form:

Apply for a licence

You will be required to demonstrate that you hold public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2,000,000 before your application will be granted. Proof of the insurance cover can either be supplied with the application or at a later date but before trading commences.

Please note that if no vacant pitches are being advertised, we will be unable to grant a licence to you. Please therefore wait until a vacancy is advertised before submitting your application. Any application received before a vacancy is advertised will not be considered.

2. Next steps

We will consult with all necessary parties (e.g. the council's Environmental Health Consultation Team) once an application for a temporary licence has been received. The 10-working day consultation period will begin the working day after the day that the application is received. 

You will receive a response from us within 5 working days of the end of the 10 working-day consultation period. If there are no objections, the application will be granted. If there are any objections, a hearing may be arranged to determine the application but you will receive notification of this in advance.


3. Site visit

An inspection of your stall will be carried out on or shortly after your first day of trading to approve your stall set-up, equipment and operation at the market.

For food traders, an environmental health officer may wish to view your food safety documentation during this inspection. You will be notified in advance of what documents you will need to have available on the stall.

Last updated: 20 August 2018
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