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Learn more about paying for care

Before we can arrange social services for you, you will need to have an assessment of your needs, either at home or in hospital before you return home. An assessment involves you and a member of our social care staff. It can also involve your family or those that care for you if you wish.

At the assessment, we will:

  • consider your and your carer's views and wishes
  • ensure that matters such as race, religion and language issues are taken into account in your assessment
  • let you have a friend, relative or someone else present to help you or speak for you if you wish
  • assess your needs and discuss the outcomes you want
  • provide equipment, support and advice so you can regain as much independence as possible
  • advise you what services are available to support you

When you are assessed for social services we will ask you:

  • what you think your needs are and how you want them to be met
  • what problems you are facing
  • what help you have now and how we can support your carer if you have one
  • we aim to start your assessment within 48 hours and complete your assessment within four weeks

Call us on 020 7641 2500. You will be asked about your situation and where you live.

You will not be charged for an assessment of your needs. However, if as a result of the assessment certain services are offered, you may be assessed to pay for these. 

For more information on paying for support and your legal rights, visit People First.

Last updated: 15 January 2020