Council tenants: move home

If you're a Westminster Council tenant wishing to move to a new council property, you'll be given priority if you meet some or all of the conditions below.

You won't qualify for a larger property if friends, lodgers or other relatives have moved in with you. Read more about housing allocation

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1. Cash incentive scheme

We'll pay you to move out of a large property into a smaller property so that the large property can be used for families who desperately need more rooms.

We can offer you:

  • highest priority when choosing a new home
  • £3,000 per bedroom you give up (if you're above pension credit age)
  • £1,000 per bedroom you give up (if you're below pension credit age)
  • £2,000 towards removal and decorating costs
  • help every step of the way

As well as the cash incentive, there are other reasons that may encourage you to move:

  • your children have left home, leaving empty rooms
  • you want to move closer to friends or family
  • you have difficulty using the stairs
  • you'd like cheaper utility bills
  • you want to move out of London as part of the
    Seaside and Country Homes Scheme
"It's a great way to move without having to worry about the expense" - Mary Moran.
Read cash incentive case studies

2. Severe overcrowding

We give priority for re-housing to council tenants who are living in severely overcrowded housing.

Housing association tenants

If your housing association is unable to help you move out of overcrowded accommodation, we have a small quota of properties available. Ask your housing association about the scheme.

Private tenants

We can't help tenants of private landlords to move to council housing, but if your conditions are officially overcrowded, we can help you find alternative private accommodation of the correct size.

3. Category A medical priority

We'll add you to this list if your housing is having a serious negative effect on:

  • a medical condition - for example, damp affecting a chest condition
  • your mobility - for example, it is difficult for you to climb stairs and you live in an upstairs flat with no lift

To apply, fill in the assessment form and send it off with your transfer application.

Medical assessment form

Private tenants

If you are a private tenant, please complete the medical assessment form and return it to the Housing Options Service along with your
Housing Application Form.

Our Medical Adviser will look at your circumstances and will contact your GP for more information if necessary.

We'll then make recommendations about your case and decide whether you qualify for Category A Medical Priority.

Last updated: 4 January 2017
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