Apply to film or hold an event

If you've chosen a location in Westminster for your filming or event, you'll need to apply for permission.

Our application fee is not refundable, so please go through the following steps before you apply.

1. Register

Please register on our Special Events page then click 'Check availability' to find out if your preferred location is free.

Register on Special Events 

If you have already registered and would like to access your account, please log in.

Log in


2. Check timescale

Use our tool to check whether there is enough time to process the application for your required date.

Timescale tool



3. Check fee

Check which fee will be applied to your project.

Fees list



4. Apply

After you've checked your project is eligible, you can apply using our online form.


Once we receive your form, we'll email you with a reference number and information on how to pay your application fee.


If the system doesn't let you submit your application, please check:

  • you have not used the ‘&’ symbol at any point in your registration
  • the contact information in the 'Update your details' section is correct
  • all changes have been saved by selecting the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the application page

5. Pay

Use the payment tool below to:

  • pay your application fee
  • pay for your event/filming arrangements to be made (if they have been approved)

You'll be asked for your reference number, which is on the email you've received from us.

To make sure we charge you correctly, please double check our fees. Also make sure that, in the payment tool, you type amounts in this format:

  • £1,500 as 1500.00
  • £150 as 150.00
  • £4.99 as 4.99

Pay now

Please pay the fee promptly so that we can start assessing your proposal as soon as possible.

Our timescales begin from the point the application fee is paid. If your payment is received outside of our working hours (9am to 5pm), that period begins from the next working day.

6. Apply for consultation (optional)

If you apply for a consultation, you'll get dedicated time with an experienced City Promotions, Events and Filming Officer to go over your plan in person.

A consultation costs £25 for charity or community projects or £135 for larger events.

Apply for a consultation

As part of the service, you'll receive a detailed write-up of your consultation.

7. Additional costs

Depending on your event plan - for example, whether you intend to serve alcohol at your event - you may need to pay for a
temporary events notice (TEN) or premises licenses.

The officer assigned to your application will inform you of what will be required and how to apply.

8. Useful information

There are a number of other council departments that may be useful to you when organising an event in Westminster:

  • Licensing  (for all temporary structure licences, and licensing of cranes and large jibs)
  • Highways (for traffic management)
  • Planning 

London organisations

London Borough Film Offices

9. Contact us

The City Promotions, Events and Filming Team supports the safe planning and regulation of filming and events, and balances these activities with the needs of residents and businesses.

For any questions not covered by our guide, please contact us at or call 020 7641 2390.

Last updated: 23 January 2017
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