Apply for, renew or vary a tables and chairs licence

1. How to apply

You must apply for both planning permission and a temporary licence, and pay an individual fee for both.

Planning permission

You can only apply for planning permission online

Apply online

View planning application fees

For advice on applying, and to view rules and policies used to decide applications, please read the following:

Temporary licence

Apply or renew online

View temporary licence fees

Find out about applying by post

Additional documents

To use free standing space heaters, a risk assessment must be submitted for review by an environmental health officer.

Any use of barriers will need approval from the council, therefore, photographs, specification details and plans showing their position must be submitted.

Read about private forecourts if one is included in the boundary of your property.

2. What happens next

Tables and chairs cannot be used after 11pm unless the premises are situated within Heddon Street, Leicester Square and surrounding streets.

Planning permission

If successful, planning permission normally lasts for 12 months 

Temporary licence 

Approved temporary licences will be issued for 6 months. A further 6 month licence can be applied for in order to run consecutively. Application forms are provided by the street trading team before the expiry of your existing licence.

All tables and chairs licences have conditions which the licence holder is expected to comply with. View applicable conditions

​If an application is made invalid, the council will retain a third of the application fee to cover administration costs.

3. Vary existing licences

Planning permission

You will need to vary the planning permission online via the Planning Portal.

Temporary licence

Vary your licence

To vary your licence, you must also include:

  • a seating plan of the premises relating to the variation
  • risk assessment for the use of free standing space heaters (if applicable)
  • planning application/permission relating to the variation

View fees

Find out about applying by post

Last updated: 28 December 2016
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