Apply for arts and culture funding

Before applying, please make sure you have contacted us first, and prepared the supporting documents.

If mandatory documentation is not applicable to you, attach a word document with non-applicable written on it.

About the organisation or applicant

Please give the full address and postcode.

About the project

In the attachments section below, you must attach your letter of agreement signed by all potential partners you've mentioned here.
Please attach a project plan and timeline in the attachments section below.
Please include brief details of past projects.
Please give your plans for collecting feedback and details on how you will evaluate your project. This should include all postcodes of people involved in your project, and the percentage of Church Street Ward postcodes against the total collected.
Give your answer as a whole number. The funding requested in your application for your project must show at least 10% of matched funding by you and or your partners, whether in-kind or cash.

Project participants

Project expenditure

Please download and complete the financial projections template to let us know how much you're planning to spend.


If you don't have this, upload a screenshot of your quote. This will have to match the figure quoted on the financial projection document.

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Last updated: 20 October 2017
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