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Application forms

The quickest and easiest way to make your planning applications is online. You can do so using the Planning Portal. You can pay by BAC, debit card or credit card.

Apply online using Planning Portal

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You can submit an application online or you can download the application forms and post the completed application to the address at the top of the form.

Additional questions and changes to some existing questions were added in late 2020 for Planning Portal applications in London boroughs. This to allow greater access and efficiency, for authorities and the public, via the Greater London Authority’s London Development Database. Learn more about how to complete the amended forms.

How to avoid delays in processing your application

Applications submitted by post will take longer to review than online applications.

An application will only be progressed once we receive all of the necessary plans, supporting documentation and the appropriate fee.  

Please note that changes have recently been made to the Planning Portal’s online application forms for planning application submissions to London boroughs. This includes the addition of new questions and changes to a number of existing questions. This enables planning authorities in London and the wider public to access information and data about planning proposals in a more effective way through the Greater London Authority’s London Development Database.

Advice on how to complete the amended forms..

To avoid delays caused by your application being incomplete please read the validation checklists and fees list before submitting your application.

Applications are often incomplete because:

Further information

All planning applications must be accompanied by a CIL Additional Information Form. The completed form will provide sufficient information to allow us to determine whether the development is liable to pay the Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)Guidance notes are also available.

The responsibility to pay the levy runs with the ownership of the land, unless another party has assumed liability.  An Assumption of CIL Liability Form should be submitted to the council with the planning application to ensure that the CIL liability notice is issued to the correct party.

Application forms and checklists


Full planning permission

Listed building consent

Advertisement consent

Reserved matters, removal or variation of conditions

Approval of details

Non-material amendments to an approval

Prior approval/ prior notification

Certificates of lawfulness

Tree works application form

Permission in principle

Basement applications

The council's adopted policy on basement development requires applicants to comply with our Code of Construction Practice when undertaking a basement development. 

We do not require a Construction Management Plan at planning application stage as this will form part of the Code of Construction Practice (submitted to the Environmental Sciences Team after planning permission has been granted but at least 40 days prior to works commencing). However you must provide a signed draft version of the proforma Appendix A Checklist B (from the Code of Construction Practice) at validation stage to confirm your intention to comply with the Code at the relevant stage. This draft does not need to be sent to or signed by the Environmental Sciences Team at planning application stage.

View the code of construction appendix.

Last updated: 24 November 2020