Air conditioning

Westminster is a densely populated business, commercial and entertainment community and many of these premises require plant and other equipment to service them. 

We have imposed very strict planning conditions in an attempt to control noise increase from this equipment: 

  • a new air conditioning plant requires planning permission
  • an older plant will be deemed to have planning permission. If it is found illegal then it could be investigated by the council's planning department

You can find out about applying for planning permission here

Planning conditions

Planning conditions are intended to ensure that all new plant should not be audible inside residential or sensitive premises or in some circumstances, external amenity areas.

This means that they should be designed so that noise emissions, as predicted at a location one metre outside the affected façade of a premises, will be ten dB below the lowest measured background value (LA90).

The design target may be reduced in circumstances where it can be demonstrated that the noise impact will not be detrimental to local inhabitants.

Please note: 

  • Plant and equipment should not unduly increase existing background noise levels as measured at the nearest noise sensitive affected premises such as residential premises, schools, hotels etc
  • Noise should not affect an individual's right to a quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their property
  • It is recognised that some people are more sensitive to noise than others and that noise limits may not provide total inaudibility to all persons

Noise team

Excessive noise can be a 'statutory nuisance' and the council's noise team may be forced to intervene.

For more information on the noise team, please see here

Last updated: 9 August 2016