About pest control

Westminster City Council has provided pest control to residents and businesses of the borough for over 50 years with a mandate to improve public health through the control of pests harmful to human health. 

The pest control team offers free expert advice to all residents and businesses on the following: 

  • pest prevention 
  • pest identification service 
  • non-toxic methods for pest control 

When visiting your home or business, our officers will identify themselves to you upon arrival and explain their purpose. We adhere to industry codes of practice; this, combined with our desire solely to improve public health, ensures that we are a pest control service which offers safe and effective control.

With same-day response available and appointments available from Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6pm, (all subject to demand), our service is centred on delivering swift and effective solutions to your pest problems. 

Our officers will work with you to offer professional advice and support on how to swiftly resolve and prevent pest infestations.

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Last updated: 29 April 2020