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Westminster is a global city and an economic driver for both London and the UK. It is home to around 240,000 people of different ages and from different cultures and backgrounds. In addition, about one million people visit Westminster every single day for business, tourism and leisure.

Maintaining and improving the health and wellbeing of our residents, visitors, commuters and communities is crucial to our vitality and success.

Westminster performs well on many of the measures of health in a local area. However, it is a place of contrast, with rich and poor living side by side. Areas that have the highest deprivation have poorer health and lower life expectancy when compared with Westminster as a whole. This means there is more to do before everyone can enjoy a healthier city and a healthier life.

There are many factors which affect people's health. For example, exercise habits and access to leisure facilities, upbringing and family circumstances, employment prospects, the food that we eat and the housing that we live in can all affect our health.

Changes to the law mean that from April 2013, every local area will have a Health and Wellbeing Board, made up of a range of people from Westminster City Council and from health partner organisations. The Board will be responsible for creating a plan to improve the health and wellbeing of people who live in and visit Westminster.


Last updated: 20 October 2016
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